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Husband has a "mask" fetish? Advice, Help?

Well I was told by my husband he has a mask fetish. He wants to wear masks and have sex. He has been buying masks and collects them I thought it was a hobby but he actually gets turned on by it. I find it very creepy and I personally do not like clowns or masks. What is the name of this fetish? Are there support groups for it? He buys latex masks, halloween masks, and those ballroom/fantasy masks. He even has a porcelain one. It is beyond my scope of tolerance and I usually have tried hiding them because he likes to keep them on display. The porcelain one used to be hung up in the kitchen, very creepy to me. What do I do or say?


Jessi I am not prude. Masked sex reminds me of when I was hurt as a young teen. It is freaky to me. I don't like anonymous sex-play. I can RP all day long, and do other things but masks get to me. That's why I was asking for the specific name of this fetish so I can find some info. out there. Do not judge, please.

Update 2:

Woka -- Fantastic point. I never thought of why or the fetish's origin.

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    I think there is nothing wrong with indulging each others tastes and desires but if it freaks you out then that is not acceptable. Sex, making love, whatever you want to call it, is supposed to be rewarding and arousing for both of you and any kind of fetish or request that makes you uncomfortable is not cool. Making love should be bonding and joining... true vulnerability and trust. Hiding his face, hiding yours.... that would just about kill it for me. Role playing is fun... let him be the cable guy, the pool man, a football hero... whatever... but masks... masks remind me of fear... and I am not aroused by being scared.

    My wife has an odd fetish too... she walks around looking and smelling like a million bucks all the time, turns me down for sex over and over and over... and then finally when I can't stand it and masturbate to relieve some stress... then she comes to me and wants to make love. No joke, it happens too often... she waits until I am low on bullets and then wants to fire a few rounds.

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    Fetish Mask

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    This Site Might Help You.


    Husband has a "mask" fetish? Advice, Help?

    Well I was told by my husband he has a mask fetish. He wants to wear masks and have sex. He has been buying masks and collects them I thought it was a hobby but he actually gets turned on by it. I find it very creepy and I personally do not like clowns or masks. What is the name of this fetish? Are...

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    I think everyone has something that turns us on that not everyone gets turned on by. Your husband might be going a little beyond with the displaying of the masks..

    Suggest to him that you'd love to wear the masks for him, but they only come out from hiding once in awhile. Leave them hidden until then. Just make sure you get to explore your 'inner-kink' as well.

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    I think your making way bigger of a deal out of this than need be. Some men have urine fetishes, some men like scat, there are way more gross, kinky, fetishes than wearing masks. It's actually one of the top 10 fetishes for men to have. What's wrong with keeping beautiful masks on display? I collect horse figurines and i display them around my home, my husband has never told me their too childish or stupid to have up he lets me have my little collection and i let him have his. Marriage is about give and take and it doesnt sound like your giving at all in this area. Here's the thing with a fetish it won't go away, you telling him to put the masks up will not stop his obsession with them. he won't quit being turned on by the idea of you wearing a mask during sex, you need to understand that. Out of site does not mean out of mind with fetishes. Roll play during sex can be incredibly hot and can spice up a marriage, maybe you should try wearing a beautiful costume ball type mask some day like the ones they wore in the movie "Eyes Wide Shut" with Nicole kidman and Tom cruise and see just how hot your sex life can be. Your husband is being open and honest with you about his fetish because he wants to INCLUDE you not sneak around and hide it, you need to respect his being open and honest. You seem a bit prudish to me but then again i like bondage, S&M, and food with my sex occasionally. A little fetish can be a good thing, don't look a gift horse in the mouth give it a try but start off slowly at first..You may discover you like wearing a mask sometimes.

    EDIT: Maybe you should make sure to diclose ALL of your info before posting a question. If we ha dknown there was an element of past physical abuse in your life it would have made a difference. We can only give answers based on the info we have and if you don't provide all of the info it's not my fault you don't like my answer. Sounds like you need some personal counseling to deal with your abuse..

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    It's a psychological problem from childhood. Apparently there is a part of him that doesn't want true intimacy and will seperate sex from intimacy. The mask allows him to have sex without intimacy. Not good.

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    Dear Friend,

    By reading your statements i can get the picture about how you are feeling & having an unpleasing experience in your marital life.i am also touched by this but as Friend i would like to give you a valuable suggestion for your delima & status if you belive me & can use it.

    as you said Your husband is mask fetish this means he is habitual of getting sexual pleasure from a particular object i.e Masks & he is using the variety so as to make himself & yourself feel different in every physical its sorry to say that he is psychological afected & needs treatment from psychological Doctor.but in first step it will be not easy for you to discuss & take him to doc as it will make problem in bet you & him ,so as a first step try to make him feel he is special for you as he is,no need for any gesture or masks & try to know why he is in desperate with masks,tell him think for family plannig & divert his mind .

    Also another reason of waring MAsk & having Sex -its means making the same person feeel like she is having relations with different its a matter of for a wife it is not accepable at a husband he should also respect you the same you do till now & try him to compromise.

    Hope answer to the Question

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    There has to be a reason why the man likes to hide his face, the only place where he gets to really express how he feels, as it is difficult to hide that on your face. I would be exploring why he feels he needs to hide from me, as apposed to how it makes me feel. Shouldn't it be about him, and how you can help or begin to understand. Have you spoke to him about it and why it turns him on.

    I know some men who like to be spanked, most people think this is totally weird, but some of them have been thru such a hard life that they have totally shut off, and cannot "feel" anything unless it is this hard or intense.

    Emotional problems are hugely underrated.

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    Sex Mask

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    I love the Phantom of the Opera too...

    Try to have fun with it. Yeah, it's kinda creepy, you can't really deny that... maybe he likes the mystery of it...

    Play along for a bit and maybe you'll like it too. If not... explain to him that you're not in to it. He should respect your opinion... should. hope he does.

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