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why do dogs get stuck after mating?

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    Canine reproduction explained:

    A male dog releases sperm through out the mating process, with a larger flow of sperm occurring as the dog's tissue of the penis swells (often this swollen tissue is referred to as a knot). When the male's knot swells it locks him inside the female so his penis will not slip out of the female (this is commonly referred to as a tie) making it more likely for more sperm to both make it and stay inside the female dog and thus increase the chance of conception.

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    Dogs Stuck While Mating

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    They don't; they "tie" during mating. The male mounts the female and when he's fully inside, the glands in the sides of his penis expand and hold him there, sometimes for as long as a half hour. Often he'll drop his forelegs back to the ground and swing one hind leg over the female's back, so that they stand, butt-to-butt, for some time.

    There is some speculation that one of the reasons for this odd behavior is that it makes it impossible for the rest of the pack to miss who the alpha male has mated with. Dogs have no sense of privacy! ;) But it also makes it more difficult for other males to mate, since if the alpha male or female found another pair tied, they would attack. The adrenalin rush of the attack would help end the tie, but the mating dogs would be at a disadvantage and would be soundly trounced by their leaders for illegal behavior in the pack.

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      In dog penis thete is a bone make ít put in female vagina .after in in bese of penis swollen to mske a knot as long as vagina muscle shrink make penis stuck.when copulation end dog penis soften and they leave out!

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    This Site Might Help You.


    why do dogs get stuck after mating?

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    Let us be frank here. When dogs copulate, the male dog's penis forms a ring of sorts around his penis. This passes into the females vagina. It is called captivation. The reason this happens is because male dogs do not ejaculate with spurts. While being stuck together the male dog's semen oozes into the female fertilizing her ovum. If you're really interested on a scientific basis, mastrubate your dog and you will notice this ring swelling around his penis. There are many incidents of human females captivatiing a males penis, i.e. the vaginal muscles will lock on the males penis making it impossible for the male to remove himself. It is rare, but it is a fact! I hope that I have been of some help to you.

    Source(s): Thirty years of raising and training dogs.
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    In some case like new wedding.girl reflex after mating like a dog make husband´s penis stuck .who has experience could put finger into her anus for stimulate the vacina open ...

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    The males penis swells and the b1tches vagina makes like a tight ring keeping them together.

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    I'd like to get stuck to my GF after sex. I can't get enough of her.

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    thank you very much.

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