Should I get an iPhone 4 or the latest iPod Touch?

Been looking around for a mobile app device, and I've narrowed my choices down to an iPod Touch or the new iPhone 4. Maybe even the Droid.

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    10 years ago
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    I would definately suggest Apple iPod touch (4th Generation) NEWEST MODEL


    1.Wi-Fi capable Facetime (video chat with no 3G)

    2.Game Center (challenge your friends play games and so much more)

    3.About 50% thinner (0.28in;7.2mm)

    4.Apple A4 processor chip faster than ever)

    5.HD video recording

    6.Retina Display (Pixels at 78 micrometers wide packing 326 pixels per inch)

    7.Voice Control ( control your music with your voice)

    8.iBooks (your own personal bookstore and reader)

    9.iMovie (movie editing program redesigned for ipod touch)

    10.Multitasking (Switch instantly between your favorite apps)

    11.Folders (Make more room on your home screens for you favorite apps)


    1)More expensive than the last gen

    2)Not out yet

    Also check out at Ebay

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  • 10 years ago

    Hi! It really depends on what you're looking for; if you want a phone, then I would get the iPhone 4, and if you just want an iPod then I would get the Touch. I have the iPod Touch 4th generation (the one that came out right before the brand new one came out). The brand new Touch has cameras in both the front and back and takes video, although I don't think that's really necessary, even though it's a cool feature. Like I said, I have the 4th generation iPod Touch and I LOVE it!!! The one with the camera is really expensive, so if you're just wanting an iPod (versus a phone), I would get an iPod Touch 4th generation (or the new one if you want a camera)! It's awesome for watching tv shows and music videos because of its large screen and the screen has great quality (although I recommend a matte screen protector because it scratches easily, plus the matte eliminates the glare because the screen's really glossy-you can buy the matte screen protectors at Walmart). Anyway, the iPod Touch is amazing! And it's thinner than the iPhone - the iPhone is pretty thick.

    I hope this helps! :) Good luck choosing!

    Sorry, I actually think it might be the 3rd generation that I have. It's just the one that came out before the one with the cameras, which is the brand new one.....sorry!

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  • 10 years ago

    I think it depends on whether or not you need a phone calling device. Personally if i had the money i would want to get the iPhone 4. Now, if you should get the droid is dependent on which carrier you currently have, because if you, for example, already have AT&T, it would be a lot simpler to just go with the iphone.. the cool thing about the iPod touch is that it has no monthly fees (excluding games, apps, and music costs), but the bad thing is that it will always be one step behind the iPhone.

    Source(s): Hope i helped.
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