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Drumming question: left handed but right footed?

I am a beginner with the drum... I am left handed, play drums open handed (which, by the way, is it acceptable to do that?) and use my right foot with the pedal. It's the way I feel most comfortable. Are there any advantages? Does anyone else recommend anything or play the same way I do?

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    YES. do it. set up your kit right handed and dont cross your arms. my second favorite drummer Carter Beauford plays that way for Dave Matthews Band. he rocks!

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    I play left handed. I would recomend not using open hand but if it feels comfortable do it. it also depends on what music your play. I never use the hi-hat pedal so i could use either foot fot the bass. but I also use a double pedal. Just make sure you cross your arms and have the hand you are using to hit the hi-hat on top and go from there. Youll learn different ways and adapt as you play.

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