Formula feeding mommies: A heads up for you?

Similac is recalling their powdered formulas because of possible bug contamination. It's funny this would happen considering I switched to the liquid concentrate because I found a bug in my daughter's formula. I was using Good Start though. I just figured I'd give you a heads up.

To make this legit: How old is your little one? My daughter is 4 months old and my son is 2 years old.


Russel Wells: You can go online and put in the lot number and see if your formula is part of the recall. If it is I would just check the formula and make sure their aren't any bugs in it. The article said that it won't cause any serious harm, maybe a stomach ache, but no lasting effects.

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    9 years ago
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    good on you, I was just about to post this (saw it on a facebook group).

    how NASTY! I bf but starred for my fellow formula feeding moms.

    my son is 19.5 months old.

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    9 years ago

    I checked my lot number, and it is recalled (87964T20). Submitted a form online and they said they would send a fedex mailer to return them the cans. That's great, but what about the formula I used and don't have the tubs for anymore? I bought 4 in quick succession before switching to another brand, and my baby used all but one. These are from back in July. Can't use the phone number, it's rubbish. It just beeps busy every time I call.

    And before anyone is tempted, sanctimonious comments from breastfeeding zealots are really not appreciated or helpful.

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    9 years ago

    Eww that's terrible ...but honestly never heard of it.

    My daughter is 4 months old she is on SMA (high calorie milk) can only be prescribed by a doctor. She was born with a cleph palate (not the lip) and has difficulty sucking, she has special squeezy bottles too. She has to come off thsi milk now though as it has fattened her up a bit too much lol.

    Thanks for the heads up though :)

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    9 years ago

    hi, my son is about 4 months -born may 28. thats crazy im gonna start looking cause in the middle of the night i make him a bottle and the lights are on low so im not really looking at the formula. i may switch to liquid. my son is using nutramigen-by enfamil. by still thats gross! thanks for the heads up i did not hear about that yet

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    9 years ago

    That is DISGUSTING! I've never felt all food manufacturing and packing companies were 100% clean, healthy and safe. This just grosses me out beyond belief!

    My son is 17 months. I'll too star this for formula feeding mothers. Hope they resolve that issue, gross.

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    Thank you! I checked the 9 cans I have and none are involved in this recall....

    For those of you that need the link here it is:

    Enter the typed number on the bottom of the can...

  • Thank you. Especially since my son drinks Similac formula. He's 10 months old.

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    Is it on like a major recall? my daugter is supposed to eat in the next 15 minutes. what should i do? thats the only formula i have is similac advance.

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    9 years ago

    That's pretty gross, but just to add that this does not affect Canadian consumers.

    My daughter is 13 months. We used Similac Go and Grow for her after I weaned her, until she was on whole milk.

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    Yes it is, due to bug parts!!!!!! I encourage all mommies who use similac to write them expressing how disgusted you are!! That is what I am going to do.

    My baby girl is 4 months and she is the light of my life.

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