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I want to buy myself a bicycle but need help?

Hey guys, I have never bought a bicycle before and the last time i rode one is when i was a kid. I want to buy a bicycle so help me get around and get in shape since i currently don't have a car. I need some help selecting one. Im a 31 year old man about 6ft tall and I weigh about 275. I see online different types of bikes (mountain, road and cruisers) and they have different inches too. Oh, and I live in a small town with flat terrain and cement roads. Let me know, thanks =)


Hey Reg, do you think a cruiser will be okay. I did see some road bicycles and yeah they are fine but I really like the style of the cruisers. I really only have around $100 bucks to spend and I know that may be like super low compared to what a everyday rider spends on a bike but that's all i can afford right now. I put a link of a cruiser below of a cruiser that I fell in love with. Let me know what u think, Thanks =)


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    Walmart? Exactly how good of a bike do you expect for $99.00?

    #1) At 6' tall on a cruiser, you would be riding around with your knees in your chest. Too small of a bike. Only one frame size.

    #2) Hills or no hills - Cruiser bikes are terrible because they have one speed only. What if you pedal south 5 miles with a north wind at your back - then you need to head home directly into a 15-20 mph wind? No gears! You'll be working your a** off to get home. A bike with gears will be easier because you can down shift to a more manageable gear selection.

    #3) If you like the style of a cruiser, get a comfort and/or hybrid bike from a REAL BIKE SHOP. They will have 21 to 24 speeds and the quality to last more than a year.

    I literally cringe every time I hear the words, "Walmart Bicycles". Pure junk, disposable bikes - like a disposable cigarette lighter. Use them for a while them throw them away - because it costs more to fix them than what they are worth. Look at Raleigh, Trek, Specialized, Giant or other major companies. You don't purchase a bike - you INVEST in a good bike.

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    All the other answers are good and definitely stay away from the cheap a** Walfart bikes (misspelled on purpose).

    $100 is not enough to get a bike that you will be happy with in a week, month or more down the road (literally).

    I would like you to think about getting a Recumbent bike. It is MUCH more comfortable and easier to ride and less tiring than an upright bike. Since I don't know where you live here are some Used Recumbent bikes in my area on Craigslist.org in The Tampa Bay Area of Florida: http://tampa.craigslist.org/search/sss?query=recum...

    You can check www.craigslist.org and go to your state and area and search for a used upright or a recumbent bike there and make sure you do some research and buy a quality bike and don't waste your money on a Walmart bike. Go to Walmart and buy your bike/you some water bottles or maybe a lock and definitely a Helmet,

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    Good decision to buy a bike.

    I have been riding as a recreational cyclist for over 20 years in and around Boulder CO which is clearly not flat. <grin>

    If the roads are paved then you might consider a road bike (one of those with skinny tires) or a hybrid bike which has wider tires and a more upright position.

    The link below will take you to over 30 articles on road cycling that answers questions that I have been asked by friends who wanted to get started.

    Buying a bike is not too complicated once you have made a couple of basic decisions.

    One is the kind of riding you want to do and the other is price.

    Here is an answer I gave a while back on "how to measure my bike." This is an important consideration when purchasing your new best friend.

    I did a fast search on Youtube.

    I've not watched it and that said, the video has been watched over 167,000 times. So I bet it is ok. <grin>

    Hope this and the articles help.

    Feel free to email me at gupton@growthseminars.com or call me at 303.544.0340 to talk about your question.

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  • 9 years ago


    NO! You are buying a bike for 'style' not for your needs. It is a bonehead noobie mistake. A crusiser is good for slow speed 'cruisin'. It is not for distance, commuting, or getting in shape.... remember those key points?

    What you want is a hybrid road bike. You want to get a good quality bike, even if you go used, get a Trek, Specialized, Cannondale or Giant. Add a rear rack, and attach a large stainless steel basket to it for doing your errands. You will have a light frame bike, with road type gearing, wider smooth tires, and upright sitting position. It will provide you with a fast, safe, and comfortable ride, on roads, streets, paths and even light trail rides over pavement, dirt, gravel, even packed sand! It will be good on short commutes and shopping, or long conditioning rides.

    Here is a link to find the size. Just click on road bike, and complete to get frame size.


    Fall out of lover with that cruiser, she is a tramp! :-)


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    Visit the local bike shop they can help you with the best bike and one for your budget. You want something that fits and is reliable. Look at the road, fitness, hybrid, or commuter bikes.

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