L.a Candy by Lauren Conrad? What did you think about it.?

I am reading this book and as i kept reading it it reminded me so much of the hills. Like it wasnt all like the jills but the moving to L.A and the intership job and the college and reality show made me just like hey this sounds and reminds me a lot like the jills. What did you think about the book.

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    Lauren Conrad, famous for playing herself on the MTV shows Laguna Beach and The Hills, has somehow been allowed to write a book for Young Adults, and the result is "L.A. Candy." Jane and Scarlett are best friends that move to Los Angeles together. While visiting a club one night, they are approached to appear on a reality show entitled L.A. Candy. After the girls agree to star in the show, the book follows their lives as they discover that Reality TV may not be as real as television makes it out to be.

    I picked this book up hoping for a fun guilty pleasure read, but was ultimately disappointed by a few things.

    First, Lauren Conrad is not the strongest of authors. The dialogue and the storytelling is quite flat and uninteresting at times. Hopefully as she releases more books, her writing skills increase, but "L.A. Candy" seemed quite amateur and I'm surprised that her publishing company allowed it to be released as it is.

    Second, the pacing is quite off. 100+ pages are devoted to the set-up of the plot. Once the reality show starts filming, which should be the meat of the novel, it seemed like most details were rushed and glossed over. Plus, the conflict and the climax were ultimately quite weak which leads the reader unsatisfied.

    Finally, the ending did not work at all. It is clearly meant to be a cliffhanger, but it feels more like the story is incomplete and is missing a proper conclusion. I am alright with books that want to excite readers for the next book in the series, but not when it makes the current book feel like a story that is missing a proper conclusion.

    Despite being a disappointment, it was fun reading how the characters viewed how reality television really worked and how the editors could portray an event differently from how it really happened. Conrad's experience definitely added a bit of interest to the otherwise flat story.

    Still fresh off her stint on "The Hills," Lauren Conrad's debut novel will definitely appeal to her fans of all ages. Despite a few questionable words, the majority of the book is otherwise quite clean. And while the book has been a hit, and I predict it will continue to sell well, I was disappointed by it and hope that Conrad improves with future books in the series. Conrad's experience and insider information with this industry definitely brought some credibility to this book, but the writing was weak, the characters were flat, the plot was rather uninteresting, and the ending was quite abrupt. These faults are too overwhelming and hard to overlook what could have been a great guilty pleasure book.

  • I haven't read it, but it's supposed to be based on her Hills experience.

    Oh, and to the poster under me:

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