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i cant get my hair back to normal?

hey guys so a couple of months a ago i got into volleyball and practice was everyday after school and i would come home a take a shower everyday but then i found out that if you wash your hair everyday then it gets really oily and thats accualy true! now when my hair dries it still looks oily and i dont know how to get it back to how it was and before i would take a "body" shower everyday and a "hair" shower every 3 days but like that just means that i still wash my body and all cause i find it nasty if you dont but my hair was fine when i did that and now its all ughh! what can i do to get my hair back to how it was???

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    Here are some homemade solutions for oily hair:

    Hope it helps:-)

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    thats not true at all. im a hair stylist and actually washing ur hair everyday would dry it out. not make it oily. i recommend to ppl who have dry hair to not wash it everyday so that the natural oil help smooth it out. ur hair could have changed texture due to hormones or medication or simply the shampoo ur using. id try switching to somthing differnt

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    this is what i did.. because its so hot in my room i couldnt go a night without washing my hair, and my hair started to look greasy, so this is what i did and it doesn't sound to great, i didn't wash my hair for two days i washed my body, i didn't go out but my hair was greasy, i left it for 2 days then washed it and got back into the routine, and my hairs fine now :), also, rain water helps, the acid drains grease, so if it rains just stand in the rain for a short period then dry your hair, it should look washed, i learnt that in geography :L

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