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Where can I buy pig skins for tattoo practice?

It's just for practice, not people, so all the melodramatic artists with a million years of experience can calm down and fix your tampons instead of calling me a scratcher and lecturing me about tattooing other people. No offense to the artists out there that understand that I have to start somewhere if I can't afford $5000 for an apprenticeship.

Now I understand that the skin should be as fresh as possible, which is why I don't want to order it online. But how fresh? And where could I buy it? If it is safe to buy it online without worrying about the decomposition of the skin and it would still be in good condition to practice with, what site could I find it in? Do I have to prepare the skin in any way first?



Thanks Boogeyman, I appreciate your sense of humor by the way. I have tried practice skin, of which was supposed to be of "good quality." It is absolutely terrible. Practice skin is the same exact thing as a thin mousepad. The ink isn't consistent because of the material and if you try to wipe away excess ink, it smears the skin and won't come off unless you clean it with battery acid or something.

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    actually, i'm not sure if you have heard about the practice skin you can buy. you can google it and find a site that is in your area (i dont know where you are) that will sell to the general public. it might be easier to get a hold of rather then fresh pig skin.....probably cleaner too lol just puttin' it out there.

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    Good for you for wanting the best possible subject matter to work out your mistakes on and get in some good practice before you stick it on a friend. :) Buying online is not possible, and we are really excited to offer this opportunity to people like you who want to get some quality practice in (sooner rather than later), and who are having a difficult time getting their hands on material locally, or don't want to have to call and drive around town trying to track down a supply that may or may not be there when you need it.

    I live in a great part of the country where we support our local farmers year round, and what is not sold as fatback or other usable pieces for consumption purposes, we perches from them, vacuum seal and freeze fresh the same day.

    We keep this stock regularly on hand throughout the year and specialize in selling online, and shipping frozen in a think styrofoam casing, boxed with frozen gel packs included, to you door, so you can start practicing your skills right away, or keep them in your freezer for whenever you need them.

    We don't at all see this as exploiting anyone. That is not the case. We pay our farmers for the product we offer (pig skin and pig ears for tattoo, piercing and suture practice) which helps their businesses, and charge for our time, supplies and to keep our business running, while delivering you what you need at the lowest price possible, in the most convenient of ways, (if your local supply is out of reach). We look at this as a win win win, and everyone is happy.

    If you or anyone else is looking at this thread for the answer to your question, please feel free to stop by our eCommerce site where you can place an order for what you need. Also, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to ask us through the contact form our the website as well.

    McDoyle's Practice Skin


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    Hi, I got a few pieces of pig skin for my personal use. If anybody is interested in getting some skin, please, let me know and I will go there (farm) to get more skin on the weekends. I get it, remove most of the fat, then I vacuum seal and I freeze it. I can send it with dry ice and/or gel pack by mail in a insulated package. As I said, just let me know. Thank you.

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    Wanted to use the Mc Doyles website to order pig skin. Clicked on the When I click on it I get other sellers trying to promote fake skin . Can anyone tell me how to get to the Mc Doyles site that actually has the pig skin sealed and ready to ship out ?

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    stick with pig skin .... as its real skin and the practice fake skin is plastic....

    doesnt act anything like real skin and is very hard to work with!

    the pig was going to die for meat anyway, might as well use the skin to learn on :)

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    well think about it: where do you find pigs? first place i would look is a farm. i doubt farmers use the skin for anything, they just use em for meat, so you never know you might get some for free. but then people are crafty and will charge and exploit you for what you want, because they see a chance to make a little extra cash.

    but thats the only place i can suggest if you want the very freshest skins.

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    Go to a meat market. They some times carry pork skins. Pork skins are bought by people to fry and make cracklings.. You can also ask if they sell fatback. It is Pork skin with fat attached. You probably have better luck at a small meat shop where the meat is cut in the shop versus big chains that buy prepacked meat. If you can find a mexican meat market, they will carry the skins for sure.

    Source(s): I was a meat cutter for thirty years.
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