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Doesn't the book of Job show how unjust and cruel God is?

Ok I've read Job, I know that God let Satan kill Job's wife and kids to test Job, THATS MY POINT.

Coming from my agnostic/atheistic belief the Bible reflects the time it was written in. Nowadays we consider ourselves more civilized than back in the day the Bible was written.

For instance if a man killed another man's daughter these days, the man alone would be charged for murder, whatever degree it is.

In ancient Babylonia, around the time the Bible was written, women and children were seen as PROPERTY of the man, so if a man killed another man's daughter they would kill his daughter.

Now that we live in the 21st century and women are seen as humans not just baby factories we know it would be WRONG to punish a man's wife to test the man.

And whats worse at the end Job got a new wife and more kids... So what? Are we women just of as much value as an armchair or something?

God = an asshole.


So God allows Satan to kill Job's family and its not God's fault at all??

Can someone say assisted murder?

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    It shows the opposite.

    Your post also shows that you haven't read Job as you proclaim, or you would know Jobs wife does not die!! I didn't read past time for trolls.

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    God did not allow Satan to harm Job, take his possessions or kill his children in order to test him. Satan made false charges against Job and all humans and God had faith in Job to be able to prove Satan's charges false. Job did not remarry. His wife did not die. She gave birth to more children.

    God told Satan that Job was a just and righteous person who feared God and turned away from doing bad. Satan's first false charge is that Job only served God because of the protection and good things God gave him. If these were taken away, then Job would abandon true worship. So Satan killed Jobs children and others and had his possessions taken from him. But Job proved Satan's charge false by still serving God-Job Chapter 1

    Satan's next false charge was that not only Job but any human would stop serving God if sickness came upon them. So God allowed Satan to give Job a horrible illness, but restricted Satan from killing him. Job again proved Satan's charge false by still refusing to stop worshiping God, even though he had endured the stress of people making false accusations about him. God rewards Job's faithfulness by giving him more than he had before, even blessing him with more children which lessened Job and his wife's grief over the death of their other children-Job 2-42:17

    Yes, in ancient Babylon a woman was treated as property. But that was not the case among the Israelites. Proverbs 31:10-31 lists the many duties a wife and mother had and also showed that a woman could conduct business and she was valued, loved and honored by her family. Genesis 2:18 says a woman is a helper and a compliment. She has qualities and abilities that are very beneficial.

    Source(s): Bible
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    I agree that this story does not put God in a loving fatherly light and have struggled to see how a loving father would allow such things to happen to his child in order to prove a point to one of his fallen angels.

    As an atheist I still see value in theology and the fables in the Bible, the story as others have pointed out was to prove that Job's love for God was unconditional that it was not just because he feared God or wanted God's protection and rewards. It is a sort of greek tragedy.

    For those who believe this to be a true account how can they defend a God who would allow this of his child? Could you as a human allow this to one of your children? The faithful always say things that God would not have allowed anything to Job that Job could not handle...that it was part of God's master plan we are all to feeble minded to understand. The truth is God of the Old Testament was an angry God...but he made up for all that by allowing his Son to be tortured and you see a pattern yet?

    If you really want to read more about the significance of the book of Job I suggest reading "The Answer to Job" by Carl Jung

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    Death is not the end. Job's first family is probably in heaven right now talking about what a hero Job was for not condemning God, during the afflictions. It was not simply a test for the purpose of testing, but an opportunity for Job to prove what he was eally made of. God does not give too many the chance to shine the way that He did with Job. Job was the victor over terrible circumstances and showed that we must all endure hard times, even the holiest ones

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    The book of Job shows that even with god we people are expendable in the eyes of god. He “the all mighty” lets Satan pressure him into allowing the killing of Job’s family, wife kids grand kids and extended family In the end Job has nothing not even his health. I think it’s unjust and cruel. Say I wonder if the people God let die had a free pass to heaven

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    Check out Job in the Kretzmann Commentary ( for an explanation of the events.

    Also, I don't believe Job lost his wife. She actually told Job to curse God and die.

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    God is love, and He allows and does things for a reason. Yes, He does allow pain and suffering, but He also promises to work all things out for the good for those that love Him, and you see that God blesses Job greatly for his faithfulness in the sight of humanly unexplainable torment and attack. That's a profound witness to those of us today who have endured hard times that never seem to end.

    The book may be entitled Job, but it's really about satan. It's about showing him that no matter what the circumstance, those that have a strong relationship with God cannot be removed or drawn away from it even when divine protection is temporarily removed.

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    It appears to me that you have a specific hatred for the taking of human life. Maybe someone close to you has had their life taken, and you want to blame someone. That is natural, but a mistake to blame God. THIS was the mistake Job made. He thought that it was God contending with him. In reality it was Satan. Satan is a murderer, not God. Merely allowing something to happen does not make one the cause.

    The reason for Job's suffering was because Satan said, first, that Job was a God-fearing man because God bribed him. That was not the case. Then Satan said that a man's integrity comes with a price, and that if life were on the line, man would curse God to his face.

    God already knew Job was a man of outstanding faith and integrity, so he allowed Satan to try and prove his point. He did warn Satan NOT to kill Job. Notice, though, when all was said and done, God gave Job an additional 140 years, 10 more children, and increased his wealth. Additionally, in the earthly resurrection Job will receive back to him all 20 of his children, and those of his servants that Satan killed.

    God NEVER intended on his human creation to die. When Adam disobeyed God, Adam introduced sin and its end result, death, into the human family. The fact that our cells continue to regenerate and renew themselves allude to the way we were created. To live, not to die.

    Incidentally, Job was not given a new wife, as his wife never died, never left him. She to benefitted from Job successfully keeping his integrity. You appear to be quite a thorough student of history. As such, you'd know that when a man is blessed, or is otherwise successful in an undertaking, his whole family benefits. In Job's wife's case she was also given the privilege of having more children, which, in those days was an honor, the privilege of having her family's wealth restored, and the privilege of having her husband's health restored.

    As Job suffered, she suffered. She watched as her husband dealt with a painful sickness. She was also deeply hurt, because she did not know why he was suffering. She lost ten of her children. Not only that she lost seven and a half years of her life, plus (nine months times ten children, plus the time it takes to wean them). The loss of her children was an even greater loss to her, than it was to Job. She also lost whatever wealth her husband accumulated. So, she may NOT have been in the wrong telling her husband, the man she loved and had 10 children with, to 'curse God and die'. What loving wife, in her right mind, would want to see the man she loves suffer so cruelly? She may have said what she said so that her husband would no longer have to suffer.

    AND even when he was going through it, he acknowledged that he would not even consider looking at another woman (Job 31:1). Not too many men, today, can echo those words.

    If men today suffered like Job did, how many of our 'civilized' 21st century equals would even bother to see us through it?

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    All Satan asked for was authority over Job.

    Job 2:4.

    Job's wife never died. He continued after this 'test' with the same wife.

    (You said you read the account. you should know).

    The fact his children died is an example of Satan going too far, not abiding by the agreement.

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    Job's wife was not even killed, show a reference. Satan tested Job to see if Job would curse Yahweh, Job never cursed Yahweh even tho he wen't threw punishment. So Yahweh blessed Job and Job even got a chance to speak to Yahweh. Yahweh knew Job was blameless because he (Job) feared Yahweh, Satan believed Job feared Yahweh out of nothing.

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    It was all a test that made Job stronger rather than cause him to rebel against The Loving and Caring God of the Universe. And the dead relatives and servants of Job are going to go to a better place. So God did nothing wrong and He never does anything bad. You can count on that because God gave Job much better things after his suffering.

    Source(s): The Bible
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