Ramadan,What is the difference between sunni, sufi, shia?

What is the difference between sunni, sufi, shia?

What is the difference between all of these in Islam? Why does Islam have all these different sectors? How can someone differentiate between all of them? Detailed information would be appreciated.


So wich one of them is really the good Islam to follow? Which one is the right path? Wich one is to be a true muslim? And also when you find information online about Islam how can you differentiate what belongs to wich group?

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    ¤ Sunnis (Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama'ah) are the followers of the Sunnah of the prophet . They are the Strict adherers of Quran & Sahih Ahadith in general. Although one has to remember that he has to become a Sunni by Practicing , not claims. Otherwise he will get involved in sect following and he can kiss Jannah good bye.

    ¤ Sufis (Ahle Tasavvuf) , are a group of people cut from Sunni School which are very close to the Shias. There are many good things in Sufism . But unfortunately 99.99% of them are innovators and take part in various practices which have no place in our Islam . A majority of them seek help from the Dead and are indulged in grave worship and impermissible intercession. They use excessive poetry and pray loudly and mostly in congregations. Many of their practices resemble thzt of the unbelievers . For example , they too consider music as a means of attaining nearness to God like Hindus , they too think that dead priests who are close to God can intercede for us in this world - like Sikhs , they too celebrate birthday of our beloved prophet prophet (saw) - like Christians . In short they defeat the main meaning of Islam.

    ¤ Shias : these are another deviant group in Islam which too has certain good aspects. But Alas ! they have many such beliefs which will surely book a place for them in the Hellfire. More than 90% of them Abuse the great Sahabas (Astagfirullah) and they take as final judge only the Ahlul Bayt , Although they exclude the mother of Ahlul Bayt (Ayesha-ra) due to lack of emaan. They talk very less of Muhammad (SAW) and do excessive praisings of the Fourth caliph of islam - Ali ibn Abi Taalib (Ra) and the Grandsons of Prophet (saw) - Hassan & Hussain (ra) . They waste a lot of time in doing mournings etc and mostly their ways are also harsh. Majority of them commit grave kufrs in the name of religion .

    I cannot write more i'm tired and so is my mobile phone .... Lol

    Source(s): What I would advise you is be Among the Ahle-Quran & Ahle-Sunnah . And in matters of doubt , go back to the best of Muslims (Salaf) and see what their opinion is on that subject. And follow the opinion which seems closest to the Quran & Hadith to you. And hey ! you just booked a ticket to heaven . Yippee !!
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    Shia/Shiaism is not a Sect, It is a state of mind.

    You are a Shia if you believe that Ali(as) was on Haqq at the battle of Siffen.

    You are a Shia if you love the family of Muhammad(pbuh) more than you love your own family.

    You are a Shia if you don't fast n celebrate of Ashura.

    You are a Shia if you believe Fadak was the right of Fatima(sa)

    You are a Shia if you believe Prophet Muhammad was pure and sinless.

    Source(s): Leon
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    Sunnies and Sufis follow Abu Bakr and Umar

    Shias follow Prophet Muhammad(SAWW)

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    hmm to answer this question it will takes a lot of time and pages but if you wanna know try to know difference between them through the sunni books , i mean get sunni books who talk about sufi and shia , then you'll know what i mean..

    have a good time!


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    Better to read about each sect through its own books so that you can reach a solid conclusion, otherwise, you'll be reading biased books full of wrong info and false accusations.

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    Sunni are the the followers of the sunna (practice) of the prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم)

    Shiaism and Sufism were made many years after the death of the prophet.

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    its haram to have these sects

    read surah 6:159 and u know

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    Sunnites - no comment

    Sufis - are referred to as "mystical Muslims" because they elaborate on more abstract ideas in Islam -- such as the theory of Nafs (self).

    Shi'as - follow Ahl al-Bayt after the Prophet because they are his true successors.

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