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Do you think that it's okay my ten year old little sister listens to this?

My little sister LOVES rock music. She is like obsessed, I don't know why but she is. And I am very concerned that she is listening to the right kind of music, because I don't want her to grow up to suit what kind of music she listens to... if you know what I mean :P

One of the bands she loves listening to is My Chemical Romance, her favourite songs of them are 'The Ghost of you', 'Famous last words', 'Helena' and 'Teenagers'. I'm trying to convince her that it isn't good for her but she seems to not take notice. So I had this 'brilliant' idea that I should ask all of you guys. Now please be honest about this, thanks :)

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    I think it's fine that she listens to rock music, it's great that she has something in her life that she adores and can somehow relate to. Music will not define her life, she may go through a phase throughout her teens but she will get over that. Let her be her.

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    If you don't let her listen to it then you will be creating a separation between the two of you. Other options are for you to suggest some other stuff she could listen to, but if she likes rock then she likes rock. Maybe you could try listening to it as well and then the both of you could talk about it. If you don't she will come to her own conclusions. I would be the 'cool' older sister that understands her, then you will always have good communication, but like I said there are tons of other bands and she might latch on to one of them with a little prodding. Just telling her she can't do something won't get much done. If she is into that EMO thing try OK GO or maybe MXPX or Less than Jake. All pretty loud fun bands, a little more pop punk, but way less 10 year old questionable.

    Good luck

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    I am so sorry i cannot even imagine the kind off trouble thats happening i know it must be scary. If you cannot stop you little sister help her. You know the saying yo gain from your mistakes.Do a little research on the things your parents wanted before and figure out how to do them then help your little sister with those things. If your dad does thing phisycally and your mom does not do anything about it you go and report him. Child abuse is against the law. I hope i helped and good luck i'm so sorry about whats happening in your family.

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    I don't think there is anything wrong with her listening to rock music. My son is 10 and he listens to rock music. Some of his favorite bands are Papa Roach, Godsmack, Theory of a Deadman, Nickelback, Buckcherry etc. In fact he's even seen Papa Roach twice (both were outdoor concerts, specifically advertised as "all ages" shows and believe me, there were kids there who were even younger than he was) The point I'm trying to make is that the music that she listens to is not going to damage her or make her grow up "wrong" or whatever it is that you're afraid of. It's just music, she'll be fine. :)

    (Just curious, if you don't mind me asking, what is the age difference between the two of you? What would you rather have her listening to? and, what are parents' feeling about her choice of music?)

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    You're her sister, not her mom. If you want to be a good sister, you should accept your sister for who she is. If you are going to be the kind of sibling who tells her what she can and can't like, you will be the kind of sister that she won't want to spend any time with in the near future, and possibly when you are both adults. Music will not ruin her life.

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    why not? its not like her listening to that is gonna provoke her to have sex with some ragged homeless maniac in a dark new york sub setting in her sub conscious mind.

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    No, get ha ta listen ta metal queen miley cyrus insted yo!

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