what should be the conclusion for jama masjid case ?

Sep 19: Two unidentified persons on a bike fired at a tourist bus near the gate number 3 of the Jama Masjid in New Delhi on Sunday, Sep 19.

Police officials told that the attackers were wearing rain coats during the firing. The attack was held ahead of the Babri Masjid verdict by Allahabad High Court on Sep 24.

The firing incident was happened at 11.20 am and two foreign tourists were injured. The nationality of the tourist is yet to be ascertained. Police have reached the spot and have launched a manhunt for the bikers.

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    What needs to ascertained is that why you posted this question in this category.

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    Definitely Babri Masjid should be rebuilt on the site again. Just because Ram was born in Ayodhya doesn't mean we the Muslims can't build any mosque in the entire Ayodhya. Besides there's no evidence that there was a Ram mandir earlier. Just because a handful of politicians spread the rumour and media fueled it the situation took a grim turn. I want to ask you all how many of you had heard of Babri masjid or Ram Mandir earlier?? The polticians made it an issue to divide the Hindus and Muslims who had been living in harmony for centuries. And do you know Hindus the conditions of the first attackers on the Babri Masjid? Most of them died in diseases later on and the 1st attaker has now converted to Islam. That is divine justice. Don't believe? Search the internet. And those who call Babur a terrorist, an invader shame on you. Read history (not the RSS/Sivsena/BHP version) and realize.

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