wanted to know if there is a lady in the camp know by bleessing mabar and a pastor name martins Anthony?

the lady was asking for my help and wanted to know if its true is in the dakar camp...

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  • 10 years ago
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    No, it's a scam that's at least 5 years old - the name changes but it's the same scam. There is no refugee camp in Dakar. There is no pretty girl. There is no dead father. There are no millions in the bank

    This is nothing but a scam to get you to eventually reveal your bank account - you think they are transferring money to you but instead they are stealing everything out of your account. They also often ask you to send money for transfer fees, taxes, courier fees, and other fees that have nothing to do with money transfers

    Google senegal refugee scam to see how many times this has already been reported over the years


    And your Blessing Mabar has also been reported many times for this same scam

    http://419.bittenus.com/9/3/blessingmabar.html - if she's really in a refugee camp, where did she find a camera, a computer, internet access and trendy clothes? People in refugee camps live in tents, have no electricity or running water (and definitely no internet access) and are wearing the only clothes they escaped with, not trendy jeans and shiny belts

    http://www.delphifaq.com/faq/about/f1328.shtml?p=8 then scroll to 2008-11-10, 15:51:12

    http://balder058.startdedicated.com/faq/russian_ma... then scroll to 2010-07-09, 03:06:59

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