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Do Christians think that atheists could literally just decide to believe in God?

This Q creates a problem for Christian philosophy.

They must make a hard choice about what they believe, it's either:

a) Atheists do have this choice as do EVERY other non-Christian.

- I think we *should* all see the problem here, it's absurd. To have this position would mean it'd apply to Christians as well. Could a Christian just flip a switch and suddenly become an atheist? No.-

b) People do not chose what they believe, their beliefs chose them, in that, you'll believe whatever intrinsically make sense to you.

- Problem: If I cannot chose for Christianity to make sense to me and you believe a God would punish me for this none the less, it'd be the exact same a God sending me to hell for being caucasion. Again, absurd.-

c) The same as (b) with the addition that God's aware of this and in turn choses to NOT punish humanity for what isn't even their choice.

-Problem: Well, the Bible says otherwise... so now what? Is the Bible not the Word of God?-

So, which is it? Have I left out an option?

Thanks in advance. : )


@Maximus- Please do not procreate and fill another mind with your hateful, bigoted and intellectually shallow mind-set.

Update 2:

@Mythos- 'In claiming you don't have a choice, you still have made a choice.'

That doesn't even make sense!

By acknowledging and realizing I do not have a choice is in turn me making set choice?

*ugh* I like pizza, when I chew pizza I do not have the choice NOT to like it... by realizing this have I magically given myself the choice to like or dislike it? Answer: no. That's essentially your logic.

See how easy that works? *sarcasm*

Update 3:

((((((sassy)))))) *kisses back*

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    Central N.Y. Guy - "No, but they could stop denying his existence. You think Richard Dawkins is angry and bitter like he is for no reason ? This man KNOWS there is a God, and it's for that reason he's so angry."

    Any anger or bitterness you detect from atheists is a direct result of having to constantly deal with this brand of idiocy.

    You seem angry and bitter because you *know* that Yoda is real, but you keep denying his existence.

    Sorry, but, as difficult as this may be for you to believe or understand, some of us honestly *don't* have any imaginary friends. I realize this concept may be entirely alien to your experience, which is why I will forgive you your mistaken assumptions about atheists.

  • a girl
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    Atheism is not a choice, it's a natural disposition. I mean if I CHOSE not to believe in God, I would have to know that he exists, and make a conscious decision to pretend I didn't. But you're right, I am an atheist and I intrinsically do not believe in his existence. And no amount of praying or bible school could really persuade me otherwise, even when approached with an open mind. I went to a Baptist highschool, it would have been a million times easier if I could've just believed. I even kept my atheism on the down low so that I could have a normal social experience and not be persecuted.

    I think there are also a ton of negative connotations attached to the word atheism nowadays. Why does atheism need a title? And WHY do some people insist that atheism is a religion? So many people are scared just by the title because of the negativity that is attached to it. It's sad. Atheism is not a religious belief or a religion. And it is most certainly not a choice.

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  • sdn
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    None of the above. I believe an Atheist can become a christian through evidence show of them if they are open minded and don't decide to argue every step of the way just to argue, I'm not saying you or any specific person would just that some like that exist

    I also believe a Christian can become an Atheist through deciding one person who claims to be Christian minister doing something making them feel the whole must be and closing their spiritual eyes.

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    Born atheists and born homosexual... I believe this but why do these kids on the LGBT section keep asking if they are gay since everyone is born that way . Wouldn't you know that you know that you know what gender preference you had right away?

    The problem is the new category bi sexual. This means you used to be homosexual but gave it up for a wife and kids.

    No, it means you are not what you do. You are who you are.

    I do believe some people are not called to be Christians. Some are just here to live and die.

    The Bible says "many are called but few are chosen." It does not say ALL are called.

    If God loved Caucasians why did he leave them out of the equation for so many years?Why can't they play basketball?

    The last option is arrogance. Some people are just too full of themselves to consider any other possibilities except that God is not in the equation.

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  • Anonymous
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    Yes, that's along my lines of belief also, that belief

    'chooses' us, not the other way. You have to follow

    what is right for you. I have always thought this.

    Then I read this amazing site which I think you'd

    like (idea of it) and that really

    makes sense to me in so many ways. Not sure of

    the exact specifics, but the generalities, yes.

    I also understood there were 3 possibilities, not two.

    Not sure who goes where. There's hell, lake of fire,

    just death, and 'in Christ'. No such thing as

    'go to heaven'. Pagan belief, not biblical.

  • Mythos
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    You can choose for whatever you want to believe in or make sense to you.

    In claiming you don't have a choice, you still have made a choice.

    See how easy that works?

    "Choose you this day whom you will serve; as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord" ~ Joshua

    Trying to twist logic to excuse yourself from having to make a choice is not going to fare well for you in that Day, either.

    Source(s): Edit: Um - read what came directly before that; when you do, it makes perfect sense. It usually helps to read it all in "context". What is it with you people? You "see" only what you want to see and cherry-pick only what you want to read? No wonder you people have so much damn trouble reading and understanding books like - oh, say - the bible? Yeah - see how easy that works? (sarcasm)
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If atheists really want to know if God is real they should seek Him with all their hearts minds and souls.

    They should also have an open heart to God and His existence.

    IF they don't do that then they will continue to lack faith. Some people believe in God more easy then others.

  • Sometimes I think it would nice to believe in a god.

    And then I wake up.

    Source(s): ((((((de facto))))) light of my nights, my wicked dream weaver... *kiss kiss*
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    Christians will twist and turn their way out of any tight spot you may get them in. In the end, if you get them to admit what they believe is illogical at least, they will fly away in their emergency helicopter called 'Faith'.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Woah... Somebody actually asking a fundamentally religious question in the R&S section? That's a new one...

    LOL "decided to be gay" I get your irony.. Most wont..

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