How much would I make if I opened my own restaurant?

I'm wanting to do like my own sit down/fast food restaurant. Faster food service for those on the go and more romantic and higher quality cooked foods for the sit down half. I later plan on, if it makes it this far, franchising it and becoming a world wide thing. I love food and I have a ton of ideas. I know how to combine my ingredients to make healthy yet great food. I want to make home-made and hand breaded foods and everything. I believe I have a good enough idea to get a load of customers. I just want to know how much I'll make and probably some advertisement ideas once I start it up.

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    can you be more specific:

    Do you own the building? Zoning? Where are you getting your food? What city/area? How many Employees? Do you plan on being your own floor manager? How's your credit?

    Homemade food takes up A LOT of prep time ($$$). BUT it's better food & that's WORTH IT, good move. I've seen guys start restaurants & barely break even for the first 3 or 4 years. THey worked their tails off too, 60-75 hour work weeks (NO VACATIONS). Gotta want it, most close within 3 years of opening (70%). Work hard & have good product, you can make good money 70K +. Most don't, but the many do.

    I'm guessing you've got a background in restaurants; that's the biggest asset, experience. To be successful your employees GOT TO respect you! This helps, SHOW THEM HOW YOU WANT THE FOOD MADE. Let them know you can do any job in the place (this also keeps stealing at a minimum).

    Good Luck

    Success favors the bold

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    No, you do not pick a level to open a cafe. I do might desire to alert you even with the incontrovertible fact that that approximately 70% of eating places fail withing the 1st 2 years. that doesn't mean that yours would be a failure. What that does mean is that it is an extremely hard employer to be in. My dad owned a cafe for 3 years. He desperate that it develop into too plenty artwork for too little return. certainly, that develop into not not significant criticism. His significant develop into the quantity of e book holding that develop into require. My dad had a intense college degree purely. you are able to learn plenty with regard to the form of eating places that are useful with the aid of watching shuttle Channel. They very often characteristic some very exciting eating places. I exceedingly like the characteristic on eating places focusing on warm canines, yet I appreciate all of their classes on eating places. i'm able to even permit you recognize the place to head to attain enormous with a fantastic eating place--Mindo, Ecuador. I even have in no way been everywhere that had this type of sorry determination of eating places. They have been undesirable. Mindo is an eco vacationer center so which you will make a fortune with a fantastic eating place there.

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    good idea...don't plan on any money for the first -5- years...most restaurants go under in the first -6- months...people under estimate the money they NEED for a restaurant and supplies...also, most restaurants already have 'backers' who front money and then if it makes money, they all get a slice of the (ahem..) pie.

    you need money for a place to have your restaurant, a liquor license (if you sell booze, they can cost $100's of thousands of dollars), you need a permit, a health dept inspection and permit ( and they drop in from time to time and score you...if you make under an 80, they close you down.) you need supplies that number -3- times what your seating capacity will hold. (100 places, 300 plates, cups, glasses, etc and some for breakage), you need a full kitchen, (a pro stove will run you $10,000. and thats for a small one.) and it goes on and on....

    Source(s): waitress who married a cook...
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    It really depends on a lot of things like location, how much traffic you will receive, how popular the foods are that you will be serving. Disposal income of most of your customers etc.... You really need to do a study of your area..what people want etc...

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    The same question pops up again

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