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My first bjj tournament...?

What should I spend the most time drilling to get ready. Any tips to helpe out??

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    Solo general fitness wise plainly flexibility and cardio although strength is important if you havent at least been doing strength training for 3-6 months theres not a lot to build, technique wise mostly flow movement grappling dummy is only good for drilling attacks, some passes and sweeps but training with a partner is far better even if it is low level since the energy and reaction is really different. I suggest Sprawls for shoots, positional escapes mostly bottom (Mounted, Sidemounted, Backmounted, and etc.), Guard Passes and Preventions, Submission defenses (before and during the hold) such as armbars, rear naked and triangle chokes. Its wiser to drill defenses as well in my experience at least have 3-4 minimum counters and recounters for all positions and you will do well. Hope this helps.

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    I like your eagerness to compete and get your hands dirty. Don't listen to these fools that tell you you're not ready because they don't even know. Your school should provide local tournament info, but if they don't, a simple internet search will help. Sometimes you have to check the websites of other local and nearby schools as some like to put their own tournaments or other schools' tournaments out there to attract more participants. Most will charge a small fee, you fill out a form, and go register and weigh in the morning of the tourney. You'll compete with only white belts with gi, and if you do no gi, most tournaments break it down by experience (0-6 months, 6 months-2 years, 2-5 years...that kind of thing) so you won't be facing Mundial world champs or anything. As far as knowing if you're ready, only competing will determine that because an actual competition is a whole other animal compared to even the hardest sparring sessions. It helps determine what you need to work on...take a teammate to record your matches, if possible. Remember, you're competing against guys with just about the same experience as yourself, but do watch out for sandbaggers. There are a few cowards out there with much experience that stay in the novice brackets for some stupid reason. Good luck!

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    drill techniques from all positions. Learn the point system and how it works, and roll alot every training session.

    Your instructors should have a mock tournament to give everybody the feeling that they will have at the actual tournament it's not like rolling in the gym, it's much more intense

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    Just condition yourself, do some jogging for the development of your stamina, if you has some dummy just do some submission drills that been given to you by your Instructor, practice those fundamentals techniques because such is the efficient and easy to use methods during competition.

    Trust your skills and knowledge, it's the best way to uplift your will to win, feel confident and think positive.

    Good luck


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    He who gases out first taps. Work on your cardio. You have no idea how many fighters will show in you division so good cardio will be the difference in some cases. Next work the basics because they are high percentage finishes. Learn to follow your coaches instructions during the match and act immediately when he or she gives instructions.

    Good luck and have fun.

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    Cardio brother! Trust me thats what you need to train for your first through your fifth turny. Nerves will eat your stamina fast! Do the cardio and your skill will carry the rest trust me.

    Source(s): 2001 U.S. nationals (BJJ) First real turny. I lost on stamina (lol).
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    practice practice and practice...

    don't overwork yourself close to the the tournament time.

    eat grape juice on the match day

    and don't forget to go to the bathroom before the match... very bad mistake...

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    train enough your grubs so the movement would come naturally. Also doing running, going to the gym etc can also be useful.

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    meditation, deep breathing exercise

    good luck

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