will you answer these history map questions for 10 points?

1) It is approximately _____ miles from Boston to Albany.

2) It is approximately _____ miles from Charleston to Savannah.

3) A family from Holland went from New York City to Albany and west to Lake Erie to settle near relatives. Approximately how many miles did they travel? _____

4) Approximately how many miles did a South delegate travel from Charleston to attend the First Constitutional Congress in Philadelphia? _____

5) Who had a longer journey to Philadelphia, the delegate from Boston or the delegate from Providence? _____

6) Approximately how many kilometers are there in Connecticut from the border of Rhode Island to the New York boundary? _____


Answer at least 5 of these correct for 10 points! :D

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    1 decade ago
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    1. 170 miles.

    2. 100 miles.

    3. 450 miles.

    4. 360 miles.

    5. Boston delegate.

    6. The state of Connecticut has a maximum distance from east to west of 163 km (101 miles).


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    4 years ago

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