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What is wrong with my feet?

Im a 15 year old diabetic, and for as long as I can remember I have had issues with my feet. This had varied from Achilles tendons to ingrown toenails, and now I am suffering more so than ever. Just for the record, I have always tried my hardest to keep my feet well looked after, ive used pumice rocks, creams, moisturisers, insoles dried them when they got wet etc, but im really beginning to give up on them. There just another complication amongst other things in my life and there really getting me down.

My most recent problems are with the side of my big toes and the balls ( on both feet). I also have burning pains down the side of my feet and into my heels. On my toes, the skin is very thin and falls/peels off itself in layers which often results in discomfort and bleeding.

I do play alot of sport, mainly tennis. But I have always worn suitable footwear, for example K-Swiss, and my school shoes are cushioned and made properly as apose to those plimsolls things that everyone else wears.I have spoken to my diabetic nurse about this, and she has written to the board of 'feet care' ( cant remember the official name). But she has said that im looking at 18months before i even get a consultation. I think by that time if I do not get any help im going to chop them both off!!!

All im asking for is if anyone knows what's going on, and also where / how i can get them sorted one and for all!!! I have been sent for xrays a few years ago, and all that they showed was that the joints in my toes, were not where they should be, and in some cases, they are missing completely! I have since been discharged from the practise and now have to start the case from scratch.

Please help :(

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