How do I create spreadsheet in excel to calculate the cost of 17.5% VAT. 10 POINTS?

OK I need to create a total charge that calculates 17.5% vat rate for invoicing? I have no clue, please can some one give me a step by step example, 10 points as promised

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  • Denn
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    9 years ago
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    Assume your spread sheet is set up some thing like this

    Row 1 Titles

    Row 2 Data

    Option 1 (Calculate VAT Separately)

    Typical titles

    Col A - Price Less VAT

    Col B VAT @ 17.5%

    Col C Price Inc VAT

    A2 = Price less VAT (100)

    in Col B Row 2 insert


    In col C Row 2 insert


    Option 2 just calculate Price Inc VAT

    If you want to do in all in 1 Cell

    Column A=Price less VAT

    Col B = Price inc VAT

    In col B2 insert


    Hope this helps

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  • 4 years ago

    Yes, simply type in the formula as follows (saying for example you want 10% added on to 200) in cell A1. =200/100*110 The answer will be 220. To put in other cells simply copy and paste and then in the formula bar only change the value of the number you want increased (eg change 200 to 300, etc). Leave the remainder of the formula as it is.

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  • Fremen
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    9 years ago

    Formula = Number x7/47 Where number represents the cell where you input the original price.

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