What are the advantages of complete metamorphosis in insects?

Why has such a diverse group of animals evolved to undergo complete metamorphosis? What are advantages of complete metamorphosis that might account for the success of these insects?

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    Insects get lots of advantages from the metamorphosis, especially the complete metamorphosis insects, so call holometabolous insects like butterflies and mosquitoes.

    In holometabolous insects, larvae enjoy in only eating and growing, while adults are responsible for producing offspring and they don't eat much in some species. Pupal stage is the intermediate stage when all the transformation safely occur. Therefore, larvae and adults don't share food source, in another word, no food competition. And there is a devision of labor, growing and reproduction seperately. Living in different habitat is another amazing thing that only insect can do through metamorphosis.

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    yes but they are susceptible to predators when undergoing metamorphosis.

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