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Dog breed question: Jack Russell?

Hi guys I was wondering if you guys can help me out. I asked a question about dog pounds. I have another one about choosing a breed.

I was thinking of a jack russell. Just so you know we have a 2 story home with a basement. I am 14 and my brother is 7. I heard jack russell's are only good with kids over 6. My parents don't want dog hair anywhere so im looking for a dog that doesn't shed to much.This is my first time getting a dog.

My other options are:



german shepherd

golden retriever

alaskan malamuke


Please tell me which one would suit me best. I was a high energy dog that will always want to play.


Oh and is it ok to keep a dog in the basement. Will it be to cold? Or will it be better. My basement is empty so it can run around.

Update 2:

Ok, I won't keep it in the basement it was just an idea. Is it better to get a puppy or a grown one?

Update 3:

Me and my brother are always in the basement thats why I asked.

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  • Cheryl
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    jack russells are good dogs but not necessarily a first dog to have ... they need strong owners, dedicated training, extreme exercise ... i have a smooth coat one and she does shed twice a year where i notice it when i am petting her but do not see dust bunnies of her fur around my home ... her father was a broken coat and i did not find he shed at all ... i would not suggest a beagle, they are ruled by their noses and can never be let off leash or they will be gone regardless of any training ... a pug sheds excessively, year round and it is disgusting ... those cute little facial folds fill with bacteria and stink ... not to mention pug snot and snoring ... a german shepherd, again, i would not suggest this as a first dog ... very strong and if not trained correctly, not a good dog to have ... a golden retriever would be fine but they have been overbred and have some health concerns ... and a lot of grooming required ... not sure about the shedding factor for golden retrievers ... NO alaskan malamute ... just do some research and you will see why ... boxer, again not first-time owner dogs ... they can be hard to train and are strong ... out of all your suggestions i would get an 8-week old broken coat jack russell terrier ... commit to professional training classes from puppy kindergarten through to advanced ... know the dog will require at least an hour of intense exercise at least five days a week, and that is not just playing in the backyard ... it means running, running beside a bike, fetching for hours ... they are constantly ready to play ... and a dog is part of the family, it can not be kept in the basement ... all dogs like to be with their packs and unless you or your family are out, the dog should be with the family ...

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    No to the basement plan; dogs do like to be part of the family/pack and it might be too damp; same goes for the garage. You can keep it on the first floor, though (maybe in a crate at night if it's crate trained).

    I'd recommend starting out with a younger adult/adolescent dog (1-3 years) so you'll have lots of time with it. Puppies require a lot of work and I don't think you'd have the time, being in school and everything (they should be taken out to relieve themselves about every 3 hours, since they have smaller bladders). There's also the teething.

    Pretty much every breed you listed has average shedding, although Alaskan Malamutes shed pretty heavily. Shedding can be reduced by using a deshedding tool or an undercoat rake (if the dog is double-coated, like a Golden Retriever) to remove loose hair before it sheds out. The FURminator is a great product. If you want a low shedding dog, try a Poodle (I like Standard the best) or some sort of terrier.

    I would rule out the Pug since you want a high energy breed. They have breathing problems because of their short muzzles so exercise shouldn't be overdone.

    If you get a Beagle, make sure your yard has adequate fencing or keep it on its leash at all times outdoors. They were bred as hunting dogs and they tend to follow a scent until they lose it, and get lost.

    Alaskan Malamutes are harder to train and males are usually pretty dominant so make sure you use the NILIF (Nothing in Life is Free) method and put a lot of emphasis on your alpha position.

    If you're going to get a Boxer, make sure there isn't any BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) going on in your area; Boxers sometimes aren't allowed because of some physical similarities to pit bull type dogs.

    Goldens will require some grooming and they seem to be one of the most popular breeds for cancer.

    All of the dogs have higher prey drives, so it wouldn't be great for them to get close to small animals.

    Personally, I'd go with a Jack Russel or Golden Retriever for a first dog.

    Make sure you adopt or buy from a reputable AKC breeder (they occasionally have some trained young adults left behind).

  • Anonymous
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    If you plan on keeping a dog in the basement I highly suggest you do not get a dog.... Dogs are social and that would be cruel. The dog would have to live in the actual part of the house everyone else lives in.

    Plus all the dogs you listed shed a lot.

    If you want to potty train and start other training then get a puppy. Older dogs from shelters are usually potty trained and know some basic commands, such as sit, stay, down. Either way you still have to do basic training.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    A Beagle hyper....I don't think anything could top a jack russell....but you sound like you have a lot to learn about dogs, but there are so many unwanted animals in the humane society that are waiting for someone....why not give one of them a good home, and get yours fixed so animals will quit populating?

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  • Emma
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    As with all terriers, the Jack Russell is not a dog for the novice owner. This is, by nature, a stubborn and demanding breed. Also, with its natural hunting instincts, it has a tendency to "attack" other animals, chew and dig. Often, families do not expect this kind of behavior, due to the breed's size, and are overwhelmed. Jack Russell rank as one of the top dogs abandoned by their owners, simply because they were deemed bad dogs. Most people do not realize what it means to own a terrier and cannot handle it.

    They will make an excellent companion for the right kind of person, one who has had experience with dogs (terriers, more importantly) and who understands what needs to be done. Owning a Jack Russell means giving him plenty of activity, attention and discipline.

    Terriers are very much like children: you have to devote yourself to them, in all aspects. They require a firm hand to control their natural hunting instincts. When it comes to Jack Russell training he needs an owner who is more stubborn than he is.

    Jack Russell Terrier -

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    Nearly all dogs leave hair about the place, if you hate dog hair that much then you are going to hate dog ownership.

    No it is not OK to keep your dog in the basement.

    This sounds like a bad idea

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    golden retrievers are great dogs, but if you get a purebreed they can be a little nippy, also german shepards as they get older have issues with their hind legs, so going up and down the stairs would eventually be very hard on them. unfortunatly most of the dogs you are suggesting shed a lot no matter what. you just need to continously brush them and vaccume a lot if they are going to be inside dogs.

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    GO with a jack russell terrier - they're one of the best dogs ever.

  • Paul B
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    i wouldent get a jack russell they can be very yappy i used to have one a labrador or collie sounds like your best bet both very smart and kind dogs

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Everything on your list sheds a LOT. Including the JRT.

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