Why Is Wikipedia Admin MuZemike Allowed To Keep Blocking Users For No Reason?

This jerk admin on Wikipedia named MuZemike keeps blocking me for no reason on every time I edit. If I try to edit, within a day or even an hour or two I am blocked every time by this same idiot. He blocks me and when I get blocked I get this message that I can email him to appeal the block or that I can appeal the block to another admin.

If I do that I then get a message like your "right to appeal" has been "revoked" and "further sanctions have been placed on you" for "abusing the appeals process". He then increases amount of time of the block. My IP address keeps getting blocked endlessly by this same jerk. And when he blocks me he leaves nasty messages like, "you are not fooling anybody asshole".

What in the hell is going on with Wikipedia that this is allowed? I contacted the appeals committee after he did this about 5 times to me whenever I tried to edit and they said that he claims I am a "sock puppet". They say he claims I am "constantly vandalizing the site" which is pure crazy talk and a lie. They said I can prove my innocence by requesting a "check user".

I said OK, so I did that. I had another admin request a check user, which they told me would prove I am not a "sock puppet" whatever the hell that is. The check user was requested and MuZemike said and I quote, "Check user request denied. I do not need to do a check user. This user edited the same page that a previously blocked user edited. Therefore the editing pattern is clear and I am fully justified to block them without having to verify through a check user."

So my question is how can this be allowed? How do I get this jerk removed from being and admin and doing this check user crap?

Some more info... I was then told that my block had been "properly reviewed" and that if I "continued to abuse and vandalize the site" that my ISP service would be canceled. What in the hell? Is this guy on acid? I have never done any abuse or vandalizing anything. But occasionally I would like to edit and every damn time I would do so, I would get my IP address blocked by this same creep admin named MuZemike.

This is how it goes, after several months the IP would be unblocked and if I edited again, I would get blocked quickly again for no reason. Again, with no way to appeal. I tried to edit from a a friend's house (a totally different ISP) and the next day his IP address had been blocked for 3 months by the same jerk MuZemike.

I complained about this to their appeals committee and they just said, "we will not unblock you because the admin says he refuses to lift the block and he says there is no need to do a check user." What the hell? So I have to ask if there are any Wikipedia admins that can answer this for me, what is this guy MuZemike doing and why is he being allowed to do this? Why is he not being punished for this and why is he an admin at Wikipedia?

Why am I not being allowed to edit Wikipedia by this idiot MuZemike? Seriously, this has been going on for a long time now and i am really getting sick of it. Can another Wikipedia admin PLEASE tell this guy to STOP it?

I would really appreciate it if a Wikipedia admin can explain to me why this MuZemike is being allowed to do this and to act this way. I am 100% positive that there is no way that he is only doing this to me. I looked at his edits and he is blocking users practically by the minute while he editing. This guy has to be reported and he has to be stopped. I at least want an explanation and answer to why this is being allowed.

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    9 years ago
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    You'll never get an explanation from anyone if you don't reveal even one of your account names and/or IP addresses that have been blocked by this person, or what you were trying to do with the accounts.

    Nevertheless, User:MuZemike basically is only on Wikipedia to block people - that's all he really does, he has no other purpose there. Presumably it's his hobby, which is sad, but I suppose he could be out torturing kittens instead, or something like that. He's allowed to act that way because that's the way they're all supposed to act, as far as they're concerned.

    The best thing you can do for yourself is to forget Wikipedia ever existed. However, if you're there because of some important issue or other, and you know for a fact that your cause is just, then your best bet is to come clean and tell people what's actually going on. And try to provide some links, too, or else very few people are going to bother checking out your story. In particular, a link to any vulgar or obscene language used by MuZemike would be helpful.

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  • Jacob
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    9 years ago

    You must have done something wrong. Admins don't block users for no reason. They have an obligation to protect Wikipedia from harm.

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  • 9 years ago

    Wikipedia isn't everyone's playground. Admins do what they think is in the best interest of the site, which occasionally includes preventing people from editing content.

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