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Should IATA force airlines to devote an area on long haul flights to passengers with young children?

If you have ever been on a long haul flight and have sat near a crying baby or child you know that it is the worst torture possible. You have paid good money for your ticket to get to your destination in peace and for 6 plus hours a child or baby cries till you go crazy. Why doesn't IATA seriously address such issues for the comfort of its passengers? They could either ban small children under 3 years of age of better yet devote an area of the plane (5 aisles segregated in the rear or front of the plane, to such passengers (insulated with a wall or something to keep the noise away from other passengers).

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I don't think IATA has any jurisdiction over this matter. It's up to the country's air authorities, for example, the FAA in the U.S. and the C.A.A. in the U.K.

    Although many people have come up with this idea, it's never been seriously considered by the airlines because it's basically unworkable.

    I was a Flight Attendant during the days of smoking flights. It was endless; I asked for smoking and they didn't give it to me. I asked for non-smoking and they put me in smoking. I'm too close to smoking. And so on it went... The only real solution was to ban smoking on ALL flights, which is exactly what they did.

    By the time you get those traveling together, seated together, and all the requests for window, aisle, near the front, in front of the door, not to mention the special handicapped seats, etc. you basically have NO wiggle room as far as creating any sort of special group seating on an aircraft.

    Many of the babies need the bassinets and those have to be at a bulkhead. On several airplanes, including the 747, these are throughout the cabin so that alone would negate any "family" section in the back of the plane. Remember that there are children in the other cabins too! They often aren't all in economy.

    You have babies and then you have family groups, perhaps 10 or more people and there is one toddler or infant. Does this whole family go in the section? Also, how would you separate it? You could have 15 children on one flight and five on the next. It's not like a certain number board each flight so any kind of separation would be impossible to construct.

    How would you ban children under age 3 from flying? Airlines are supposed to give up all revenue from this entire segment of the population? It's not only the children but the parents, siblings and anyone else coming along. They already allow babies under 2 to sit on laps purely to try to attract these families to buy tickets so no airline is interested barring anyone from flying if they can help it!

    Requiring each passenger to have a seat would be a big improvement in both safety and comfort for all involved. Even though under 2 "lap" babies are not safe and are at risk if anything goes wrong, parents are determined to save money this way. Flying itself is very safe. It's just that the large toddler who is about to turn 2 is banging your seats and having a meltdown because he feels squished and can't get out and play...

    Parents are often told to "fly when he naps" and I've seen this go wrong so many times! One small delay and you have one big tantrum! I heard many times "Well, he's usually sleeping at this time..." Children's naptime in the afternoon coincides with when many people are flying back from business trips. Flights in the morning are more likely to be on time and children are in better humor at that time of day. This "tip" needs to be put to rest!

    Flying in business or first class could bring you more peace but there's no guarantee. Babies are allowed in those cabins too but they are more likely to be booked in coach.

    You can also try to fly when school is in session. Babies and toddlers aren't affected directly but they often have older siblings who are in school and the whole family is less likely to vacation at that time.

    The other solution is to book your own jet!

    Better luck in the future with this!

    Source(s): Former Flight Attendant, 13 years, 2 companies mom of 3 kids but had them late and listened to plenty of other babies cry on planes for years before having my own!
  • 1 decade ago

    While the things you suggest sound good on the surface, there is really no way to do any of it.

    1) ban children under 3 - not every flight is for pleasure/vacation. When my son was a baby I had to take him on a 12 hour flight due to a military transfer, when I was young my parents had to make an 18 hour flight with 3 babies under 3 for the same reason.

    2) seperated section - would these be in a good section of the plane or worse (near the bathroom would make sense for closeness but more people would be walking past. Would seating be limited to this area and when that many families bought tickets no more families could board? What about if all seats were not needed on a flight? If they went empty the airline would lose money but passengers without babies should not be forced to sit there.

  • 5 years ago

    Check together with your surgeon first, however I found out it is a well thought to provide them a decongestant earlier than you board the airplane. This maintains their eustachian tubes open. Some decongestants make youngsters sleepy, which will regularly be a well factor on an extended flight. The day earlier than you depart, take the youngsters searching for a hectic bag. Let them prefer out small matters to take alongside - crayons, colouring books, a today's particular toy, and so on. Depending on their age, moveable gaming toys are commonly priceless. When my youngsters had been little, I made audiocassettes of all their favorite tune and speakme books. They most effective received to hear the gathering on lengthy journeys. You might do that as an mp3 or burn a disc to play on a moveable cd or mp3 participant.

  • Nick T
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    1 decade ago

    Although I can heartily agree with your sentiment you have made an assupmtion about your ticket. You only pay for them to get you there, nothing about comfort or peace. If you want peace them pay the premium for business or first class.

    The introduction of a family area does have merit, but you also know that the airlines will charge extra for it.

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  • AJ
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    1 decade ago

    It will never happen. All you can do is every 15 minutes complain to the flight crew. Recommend to them that they need to address it by landing the aircraft and having the child removed from the aircraft.

  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    3 words: Noise Cancelling Headphones.

    Suddenly, it doesn't matter at all what anyone around you is doing or the noise their making.

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