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Skeptics and believers,has anyone in this category ever heard of Mental Fascination?

Years ago, I had studied a subject called mental fascination, which deals with the development, amplification and application of electromagnetic brain waves. I had practiced the techniques in this book (which was written about 100 years ago by William Walker Atkinson) and did in fact develop and amplify my brain waves. I even found a way to convince others of this by hanging a razor blade on the end of a string (without any ventilation or air current in the room) and by calmly staring at it for a minute or two, could make it turn and twist about, back and forth. I've done the exact same thing with much larger and heavier objects. Objects that are hanging on a thread or string.

Well anyways, in Mr. Atkinson's book, he mentions that there have been people over in India who have learned and mastered this sort of thing to such a magnitude, that they can even cause people to imagine things and hallucinate. One story he told was that about a fellow who was sitting on the ground and playing a pipe/flute instrument and in front of him he had a bundle of rope. He was surrounded by spectators who were watching him and he would play his instrument and then afterwords cause the rope to appear to be rising up in the air, and then he'd climb up the rope and disappear. He was using mental fascination to cause the crowd to imagine all of this, and the only people who didn't see him perform this feat, were the most strong willed few. The only people who didn't hallucinate were the one's who had the strongest will power.

If a person could actually use their brainwaves to cause someone to hallucinate and imagine something like that, then couldn't that same person have an effect on the mind of another to appear unseen or invisible?

Okay, now here is a really nutty question, what if there actually were aliens out there in the universe who from time to time visit our world, had developed electromagnetic brainwaves to such a degree, that they could very easily walk among us completely unseen?

This kind of mental power by the way, is not to be confused with psychism or psychic power. In fact, this kind of mental power is in my own opinion one of the most crude and primitive mental powers that a person could develop. And its been proven that the human brain does give off electromagnetic signals.

Mr. Atkinson even mentioned an experiment in telepathy involving ants. He said that if you place an ant into a jar, by itself, and then place the ant a good distance from the other ants, that soon the other ants will find the jarred ant and gravitate around the jar. This is supposed to be a demonstration of telepathy. I've never actually done this experiment, but if this is really true, then wouldn't you think its strange how there are nonhuman creatures in this world who are much lower in intelligence than we are, that can do this sort of thing?


Justin Bower: But how can the ant in the jar use chemical communication....if he's inside of a jar?? I'm not a zoologist or chemist, but I know enough about chemicals to tell you that its impossible for hormones or other chemicals to pass through silicon-glass.

Update 2:

Eri: I suppose it would be very simple to carry out the experiment of placing the razor in the glass jar,etc., then draw my final conclusion.

Update 3:

Wushuboy101: It was not my breath that was causing the razor to move and twist about as I was standing at least 15-20 ft. away from the razor. Yes, I know that Eri's answer to the question was a most logical answer indeed concerning the tension in the string, etc.

Update 4:

One more small detail to consider.....but not necessarily entirely convincing. Whenever I'd mentally TELL THE RAZOR to stop moving completely, it would. But in order to keep it immobilized, I'd have to focus my concentration nonstop. When I stopped concentrating my mental energy on the razor, it would then begin to move and twist about for a few minutes, and then it would stop again completely. And it wouldn't move around again until I began staring at it without thinking much of anything. This sort of indicates to me that my mental energy was somehow lingering in the razor, but only for a very short period. Then it would stop, etc. ??

Update 5:

Mobius: that's interesting, I'm glad that you gave a link with your answer. As a student of mental fascination, I've learned that the ETHER or AETHER, is a medium that is very thought responsive. The electrons could be communicating by using this medium..maybe.

But there is unfortunately no scientific evidence proving this.

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    Flies seem to fit the examples you are giving - it has been noted that miles away from a corpse flies will react and head towards the body .... this has been called chemical attraction - but logic does not seem to say that 2 miles away one atom could reach a fly this fast and cause it to react.

    I can tell you we tested the idea of boosting an EEG and transmitting said brainwaves and this electronic effect is negated. The idea you are speaking about it not based on electrical amptitude of the wave but on the person's direct ability to react with reality in consciousness.

    I suspect this theory explains somewhat the process:

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    WOW ...that was pretty deep!!

    But I follow your idea and know what your have been testing out!!

    I am from a Family of 10 That is My Self and 9 Brothers!!

    The **** they did in the cellar in our house with the neighborhood Boys Could curl your hair!!

    The razor and string is a mind thing is all

    You can trick your own mind in to thinking things that you never would admit too!!!!!

    Coming from a Family of Hippies I have taken Mushroom and LSD and met Tim Leary in the early 70s and too bad you missed out talking to him ..He was one trip for life and he WAS A TRIP IN REAL LIFE TOO!!!

    You two would have had a great talk!!

    It's all in the mind

    There is Strong and there is weak Minded People..That's Easy to do...READ PEOPLE

    You see I traveled with my Father to State Fairs in the late 60s to the early 80s I did it for years and I grew up around the FREAK SHOWS they use to have..No Crap Hey it was really some FREAKY CRAP those people came up with

    The Person that can read your MIND tell you how much you weigh...People...Gypsy they were called were the ones that use to scare me.Till this day one would!!..Gypsy people were Beautiful and king hearted they just knew how to read people from LIFE!!!

    II did read a book some time ago on Mind Reading!!

    pretty good but a lot to learn and it's things you can do your self any way and things you do your self any way!!

    Think about how many times a day we think because we thought it and it happen was because we thought it!!

    Gee wonder why the red lights keep turning green when I get to them..I was just thinking that I wish each light would turn green!!

    HAHAHAHAAH Love Ya can't go on because it's a Never Ending Story..............

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    first, in reguards to the ants, unless the jar is completely sealed, then the other ants are picking up a "help me" air borne chemical scent that the trapped ant is emitting. They can emit a very potent signal when trapped and other ants from its colony can pick it up at fairly good distances.

    In the early 1900s, there was a great fascination with Indian magic, mostly in fiction. Stories about mental illusionists, and masters of the mind came out. In reality their magic is fairly lame. Real Indian magic shows tend to have tricks you might pull as a young child. "Ok, now everyone close your eyes...." type of tricks are typical.

    However, the legends, rumors and fantasy of Indian magic grew enormously in our country. There was even a super hero known as "the Shadow" who trained in India and was a master of illusions.

    The razor blade will be influenced by even the tiniest forces, such as the tension in the string, as well as larger forces such as the eddies in the air caused by your own breath.

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    Anything hanging from a string is going to twist simply due to tension forces in the string and small breezes you might not even feel (or might be producing). Now, if you can hang it under a glass so air current can't affect it and you can say things like 'now I'll make it spin clockwise' and it does, without you being able to see it and predict which way it will move based on what it's already doing, you might have a case. But it sounds like you were simply taking advantage of simple physics, not doing anything yourself.

    People in many countries have figured out pretty cool magic tricks, but just because you don't know how they did it doesn't mean it was a psychic power.

    We'd love to see you demonstrate this power. The JREF will be happy to give you a million dollars if you can do so. Yes, your brain does give off signals. They terminate about a millimeter above your skull, before even leaving your head.

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    Not that term in particular, but in the jargon of the paranormal, words and terms are constantly invented and recycled. Mind over matter becomes telekinesis then psychokinesis.

    New kinesis' are thought up as new superpowers are claimed.

    It's the old lipstick on a pig thing. Make the old claims and boasts that never came true seem new. That way we get a whole new crowd of folks thinking this stuff is cutting edge and fresh off the presses.

    It's one of the techniques used to keep mystical thinking alive over the generations.

    When you can't do or demonstrate you teach it anyway.

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    To comment on the ants...ants communicate via chemical signals. There is much talk in non-scientific circles about supposed telepathy in ants. It's nothing more than signal trails and organic abilities of the ants themselves.

    Ants are a highly developed communal/colony society with equally complex interactions and messaging capability.

    There has never been a scientfically reproducable study indicating that ants or other colonial animals can communicate other than in their physical methods.

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