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Are you surprised by the big name Liberals who are blaming the teachers union for our failed education system?

Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates, along with the director of a new documentary, "Waiting For Superman", all spoke harshly of the teachers union and blamed them for our failed system.

I don't normally watch her show, but this show caught my attention because it was about education.

In this show, the woman who runs the DC school district was featured. She has fired over 1000 teachers since taking that position, horrible teachers who were only in the classroom because of tenure. Teachers in DC achieve this job protection after only two years in the classroom. She also said that the way tenure is right now, any offense has to be near criminal in order to fire a bad teacher. It is also a very costly process for taxpayers.

After she succeeded in firing those bad teachers, and realizing how destructive a force tenure was, she tried to bargain with the union. She would double teachers pay, bringing the pay of some teachers to over $140,000 per year, if only the union would abolish tenure.

The union turned it down.

What did you think?


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    No, because liberals, (which are to Democrats as conservatives are to Republicans, in that you can be a liberal without being a democrat), care more about the quality of education more than they care about preserving teacher's unions.

    Democrats rely on union money to win elections, so their hands seem to be tied, just as Republicans won't stand up to the corporate interests they rely on. Fortunately for both parties, they've done a great job convincing Americans in general that there are only polar answers. So, most of us treat politics like a two team league instead of being able to have honest conversations as to the roots of the problems that continuously damage our society.

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    if tenure is so destructive... how did she fire 1,000 teachers?

    look, I'm not going to say that unions are perfect, sure there are problems, but that's what you get when you want to pay teachers nothing... they unionize...

    and tenure is basically the one thing they "get" for being underpaid...

    in your statement highest wage if it was doubled was 140k? that's 70k... for an entire school system?

    do you know of any job that caps pay at 70k for EVERYONE working in that job? even the very best with the most education? and how successful would other businesses be if that was the most they paid?

    answer, they would fail, miserably...

    I would think that after this person fired over 1,000 teachers the union had some trouble selling anything she offered to the teachers...

    you fire 1,000 employees at a company and tell the rest "hey, give me an easier way to fire you and I'll double your pay"... guess what, they won't take the deal...

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    That is surprising, but it is as true as it gets. Tenure is a horrible thing for teachers to have, a bad teacher is a bad teacher, he might have been a good teacher, until he got tenure, then guess what.

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    9 years ago

    We have heard of corporations (schools are municipal corporations) asking for employees to give up their rights in the past. It is a bait and switch, numbnutz.

    What is wrong with you? You think people don't want to be motivated and inspired? Ask yourself how you can be inspired by a retard president? Dumbya.

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    I am surprised, but many liberals are getting tired of defending bad policies and bad leaders. It's no longer just republicans fed up with failure. Failure on any level is just that failure. Liberals have made a career out of failed efforts, and now their supporters are beginning to see it for what it is.

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    I don't blame the teachers ... I pity them ... American kids are self indulged and full of their own importance and totally out of control ... and the rot starts at home ... fix that and the 'horrible' teachers may get a chance at doing their job ... !

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    9 years ago

    Unions are only one part of the problem. Since they aren't partisan hacks like Fox TV I'm sure they admitted that.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    No because liberals run our school system and liberals always look for a scapegoat for their own failures.

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