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At what age would you let your child get a pocket knife?

Do your kids have them? How much do they use them?

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    I don't think they should have them at all, there is no need for a child to carry a weapon.

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    Hi I'm a 14 year old and I've been carrying a pocket knife EVERYWHERE since I was about 6. My parents didn't know until I was about 8 years old and my dad was actually proud of me;I never took it out when I didn't need to, only in self defense situations did I need to and yes I have been in situations where people tried to kidnap me but when I pulled my knife out they just backed away. I'd recommend giving your child a pocket knife( IF he or he is mature enough to have it!) and if your one of those parents who doesn't like guns or knives please screw off (no disrespect or offense meant) guns and knives are preventing deaths each year. And for gun control *******. There are more knife deaths than there are gun deaths each year. And those (guns) aren't even purchased legally. There that is my opinion (:

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    Pocket Knife For Kids

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    Kids Pocket Knife

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    Some of these answers just amaze me. The knife is for carving, cutting things, just plain being a kid. I would say between the ages of 7 and 8, and we re a hunting family.

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    My mothers and dads on no account had any weapons because of the fact my Dad did no longer hunt. inspite of the undeniable fact that, they made constructive that all of us knew some hassle-free risk-free practices subject concerns approximately weapons which includes by no potential pointing them at everybody for any reason via the age of 8. maximum of my kin hunt, so it does no longer be unusual to locate a gun at their residences. My state looks to have a decrease of 12 for looking as none of my kin provide a gun to their youngster till then. so a procedures as knives, i does no longer provide one to a baby below 9 or 10. in case you reside interior the city, a pocket knife isn't all that needed, yet once you reside interior the country, you desire it each and all the danged time. additionally particular pursuits could require relatively professional knives, yet i could desire to oversee a youthful youngster. My Uncle have been given shot interior the foot via a school pal while he develop into 14 because of the fact the college pal hadn't been taught to no longer touch issues that weren't his (he took my grandfather's rifle off its rack). There are only maximum of stupid injuries that could desire to be prevented if human beings only locked up weapons in safeguard cabinets or closets. Too many stupid human beings interior the international and childrens do exactly no longer understand! remember human beings. you will possibly have administration over your place, yet what do you recognize of the homes of your toddlers's acquaintances or your loved ones? do no longer save your head interior the sand! coach your toddlers!

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    My brother had a small pocket knife/nail file/cork screw/screw driver set at 8. I was 11. (my dad got 2 matching 1s with his work info on them) But he had to ask for it, & give it back when he was done. When he was about 11 or 12 he had a few in his room. But they gave us the big talk about where & when it was ok to carry it. My brother was very responsible when it came to those kinda things. We are a big hunting & gun family. My 15 my brother had several guns hanging on the wall of his room or in his small gun cabinet he got for his birthday.

    My father carries 1 at all times! It about a 2 inch blade but he always has it, about once every 3 months he sharpens it.

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    im in boy scouts and a pocket knife is a tool not a weapon

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    I've carried a pocket knife every day of my life since I was 5. I'm 53 now.

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    its a question of maturity, not age. do you think your child is mature enough to do the right thing? My dad bought me my first knife when i was 5. He taught me how to sharpen it, and what it was and wasn't to be used for. i have an 8 year old daughter that i wouldn't trust with a sharp stick, so as a parent you have to decide if your child is ready for the responsibility.

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    My son was nine (is nine) - he is going through a "probationary period" and can only use it in our presence and is certainly NOT allowed to have it out when friends are over. He will lose the knife if he does not follow the rules, and he is very aware of this. Children who have great interest in whittling that are denied a knife will become dangerously creative - a knife accident can result in stitches (acceptable risk), but not in blowing his head off (an unacceptable risk).

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