Do you believe that there is other life forms in this vast universe?

To think our solar system is just one of hundred billions of stars in the vast galaxy of Milky Way which is just one of billions of Galaxies in the Universe.. There are infinite possibilities...

Ever imagined how they live?

There might be creatures that harvest electricity from lightning, or eat uranium for breakfast.

Maybe harsh environments aren't so harsh, coz even here in our planet there are bacterias that could withstand more than a hundred degrees of heat. Maybe they don't need water at all. It's possible that they have different compositions than us. Who knows? Maybe our table of elements is just a fraction or less compared to other planets in other galaxies.

I know it's Sci-Fi but, maybe there are creatures more intelligent than us.They might know how to harvest energy from stars to power their ships. Since heat and energy is somehow synonymous, and stars have more than enough, who knows?

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    <QUOTE>Do you believe that there is other life forms in this vast universe?</QUOTE>

    Belief in the absence of evidence is faith. What does that have to do with science?

    You can believe in it, you may not believe in it. Either way, you won't be better off.

    <QUOTE>There might be creatures that harvest electricity from lightning,</QUOTE>

    Lightning is a destructive phenomenon. I don't see anyone harvesting power from nuclear bombs.

    <QUOTE>Maybe harsh environments aren't so harsh,</QUOTE>

    In harsh environments, complex organisms won't survive. You have to be very simple (unicellular) to have a decent chance of surviving, and even then the survival comes from numbers.

    <QUOTE>I know it's Sci-Fi but, maybe there are creatures more intelligent than us</QUOTE>

    You're talking about two different things. Your title question does not specify the level of evolution. You MIGHT have life forms in the Universe, but they don't have to be little green or gray men (or women, admitting they reproduce sexually).

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    Yes I do.They might be very similar to us,like being carbon based,having eyes and legs and following some of the same laws of life like us e,g, Evolution.

    There could also be life forms that are unbelievably different from us.They might live inside stars,they might be clouds of bacteria living in space,there may be life forms that life just a few seconds.etc

    In a universe this size,the impossible does start looking very likely.It think it's just a matter of time before we find any extraterrestrial life.

    Source(s): Discovery channel
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    Indeed, our solar system is just one of hundred billions of stars in one of billions of galaxies. And from everything we can tell, we are completely alone in all that vast expanse! It just makes you realise how incredibly difficult and unlikely it must have been for life to have emerged from inanimate molecules.

    To think that life is so hugely unlikely that the universe required billions of billions of stars and planets to experiment with before it finally got it right and managed to form life on one of them!

    There are infinite possibilities. Just like there are infinite even numbers. But despite the infinite size of the set of even numbers, no matter how hard you look you will never find an odd number amongst them! So infinity is no guarantee that anything will happen once, let alone more than once!

    We can be sure that carbon based molecular life is the only life that there is. This solar system of ours posesses a huge variety of environments. Everything from temperatures hot enough to melt lead to those near absolute zero; and every form of composition from almost pure hydrogen to almost pure solid metal. Yet in all those environments only the biosphere of the Earth has life. Seeing that life is so fussy how it forms, no wonder the universe had to have so many stars before one just happened to have the right conditions for life: carbon based life!

    Sci-fi is not a reliable guide to reality. There are no canals on Mars. No jungles on Venus. Mercury does not have a populated twilight zone, and Jupiter does not have giants on it. Neither is there a disembodied brain hiding out on Uranus.

    Sci-fi makes us laugh, tremble or groan. Science tells it like it is! We are alone.


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    Man is great for giving 'names' and putting on 'tags' either of them can be given a connotation suiting the person initiating a discussion; in this case 'you'.

    I wonder what you take it as 'life'. Life (from our Earth-bound limited experience) implies two things -

    1. Generating its own energy to perform certain functions like movement, growth, metabolism in general. For this a 'life form' needs to 'eat' for energy, for it to sustain living.

    2. Self-replicating to produce an exact replica of it (same species).

    To carry these functions an environment and Chemistry are needed. In locations like Stars there is no possibility of any 'Chemistry', so 'life' is ruled out. That leaves an array of Chemistries on the myriads of planets thought possible a few years ago and have been inferentially found recently (as exoplanets).

    That shouldn't make us jump to the conclusion of an Anthropomorphic life, with eyes, legs and a brain that thinks like us or even with emotions. A virus can exist in one of the Asteroids even as inanimate matter (like Tobacco virus) that when put in an environment might spring to life as a 'life form'. Starting this story might lead to several hundred thousand theories.

    Next higher stage (if you follow Drake's formula) is 'intelligence' attributed to that 'life form'. Much later stage of development is ability to 'Communicate'. While it is OK in a similar environmemt within a species Communications breaks down with another species. Humans can't communicate with own pet animals; what to talk of communiacting through symbols or through the medium of Radio waves. Even in the matter of Radio Communications, humans have learnt the art hardly a century ago ! So it is a folly to assume that "they" (from some other developed civilisation of an exoplanet in Goldilocks zone) can be communicated. There are an infinite number of 'imponderables' that need to be resolved piecewise, keeping a record so as not to repeat the same.

    What is the key for all these ?

    The 'key' conjecture is 'Probability' as the basis. The sheer improbability multiplied by an even more mind-boggling numbers of stars and multiplied each by a number of planets, distils to a quite a few 'possibilities' or 'candidates'. That is that. We are poised at the threshold of 'Grand View'. Let's not rush.

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    Any scientist or rational person for that count might enable you to be attentive to that there is an extremely extreme possibility that there are various different races, civilizations not in simple terms in our galaxy yet all over the universe, a number of them greater more desirable than us and others greater primitive. reckoning on the situations wherein existence developed on that planet they may well be very comparable (on no account same) to us. that's between the excuses we are looking for existence interior the universe on planets with situations that resemble our own. thinking on how far we've are available in so little time and pondering how youthful our galaxy and image voltaic gadget are whilst in comparison with others we've pointed obtainable is likewise an extremely extreme possibility that there are different smart existence varieties, lots greater more desirable than us, obtainable.evaluate this; yet for the dark an prolonged time humanity may well be colonizing area spectacular now. With in simple terms this variable you improve the percentages of there being greater more desirable existence obtainable. i don't think of yet another race got here here, gave us a advance after which in simple terms left. i think of we are very in a position, we in simple terms waist dissimilar time on non-experience.

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    Our sun is a star. Theres SO MANY other stars out there that could be a sun, and support life.

    We can't make it that far into outerspace, just because we can't reach it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist,

    and i can promise you that theres probably like 48932084023 other life forms out there.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i sooo think there are other forms of life!! seriously there are like many galaxies out there that we dont even know about...of course we cant possibly be the only ones in the universe...

    alot of my friends are christians and they dont believe there is other life..goshhh there so annoying haha. i try and tell them we are from monkeys...they just get really angry, its pretty funny thouh...xD

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes i do believe there is, theres so much evidence out there sch as - tapes, recordings, photos and even abductions!!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes I've met plenty of other life forms, I even live with three of them.

  • ksea
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    1 decade ago

    there lots out there its, just what sort of life

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