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French doll whimsy makeup look?

Hi! so i have fair skin and very dark eyes, pinkish lips, and some acne scarring. anyway, i wanted a makeup look that was french classy, doll-like, whimsical, antique? any tips?

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    Hi there:)

    I LOVE french make-up, and it's very in this season too.

    French make-up is usually browns and blacks, as they complement dark eyes as French women have mostly brown eyes and dark hair.

    Here are a couple of images for French make-up:



    Some whimsical/doll like make-up:





    And here is Michelle Phan with Antique Smokey Eyes look:


    Youtube thumbnail

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    Lol i understand precisely the way you sense, I particularly have the comparable difficulty. Get some concealer or liquid beginning place and commence in the direction of the nook of your eye, sweeping to the top and then conceal with powder beginning place yet making particular that's regardless of the remainder of your beginning place so which you will not see a line the place your luggage end. it is approximately all you're able to do. a extraordinary trick is get a spoon and put in the freezer till that's chilly like an ice %. and placed the dipped section on your luggage. the clarification in the back of it is the luggage below your eyes are extraordinarily very comparable to a sprained ankle with a view to assert- swollen. And chilly makes swelling circulate down. The spoon suits on your eye shape nicely and it reduces swelling precise once you're taking it off. Cool precise? yet another trick that may be useful you look "extra conscious" is you could particularly get white eyeshadow and put in in the nook of your eye...It facilitates your eyes seem wider and brighter. sturdy success, woman! :)

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    if u want to look classy try using peach lip gloss and ur hair must b tied up and leave a few curls in the sides of ur face abd use a concealer for ur eyes and for acne use some lotion and clear up everything first

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    Youtube it!

    Go to Michelle Phan's chanel on youtube n look for her barbie doll tutorial

    Or u cud also try a pin up girl look!


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