What is a good telescope to get?

And can I take a class to learn how to use it, to learn how to identify stars, to keep my interest?

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    Get a dobsonian mounted reflector. You won't need a class to learn to use it - its pretty much as easy as a scope can get (other than a pair of binoculars). Depending on your budget, you can get one from $200 and up. (Cheaper scopes tend to be... junk. Toys at best. Worthless at worst)

    To learn to identify stars, get a Sky atlas or two, and a subscription to an astronomy magazine (Such as Astronomy or Sky & Telescope)

    Best yet - join a local astronomy club - stay active with them - participate in Public Viewing Nights.

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    Edumnd scientific makes a wide variety of

    good reflectors including a portable reflector

    that is light enough to take up to mountain tops!

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