Should I audition for LaGuardia/Frank Sinatra?

I would audition as a fine arts student, so yeah, drawing & everything. But I'm also taking the SHSAT's 'cause I really wanna go to Bronx & I'm also applying to Townsend Harris. Is it hard to get in if you apply for art? & Which do you think is better? I live in Queens though if that makes any difference. In 7th grade I was %100 for Sinatra lol, but I'm taking Kaplan courses so I get into Bronx. Any suggestions or comments or whatever?

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    Of course you should audition at both Laguardia and Sinatra! You should give yourself all the options available to you.

    The SHSAT schools and Laguardia both function differently than all the other schools, including both Townsend Harris and Sinatra, which are "selective schools." Selective schools have their own admissions policies but are listed on the same list as all non-specialized high schools.

    All the schools which use the SHSAT and Laguardia are "specialized schools" and are on a different admissions timeline than all the other schools. Their admissions policy is not coordinated with the other schools, either. When you apply to take the SHSAT, they will ask you to rank all the testing schools in the order you prefer. (If you really prefer Bronx Science, list it first!) Then, when you fill out your high school application in December, they will ask if you took the SHSAT and if you auditioned for Laguardia. That's the only way to indicate that you are applying to the SHSAT schools and to Laguardia. None of the testing schools are ranked with the other schools on your application in December (you already did the ranking when you applied to take the test.) And Laguardia does not get ranked at all. With Laguardia, you get in or you don't - period.

    Sinatra and Townsend Harris, however, get ranked. If you would prefer Townsend Harris to Sinatra, rank Townsend Harris first. If you would prefer an arts school, however, you should list Sinatra first.

    As to how hard it is to get in for art - My daughter got into both Sinatra and Laguardia. She both Sinatra first and auditioned for Laguardia. Today she is a Laguardia freshman in the Art Studio. While she got into both schools, you should know that it's not "easy" to get into either school for art. She worked on her portfolio for months. She practiced drawing still lifes and hands and landscapes with her art teacher in preparation for her audition. She really worked hard to get in! And she was really determined to go to an arts high school. When they asked her about her portfolio and her interest in art, she had a lot to say for herself.

    You don't sound as interested, somehow. WHY do you want to go to Laguardia or Sinatra? Remember, there are kids out there who would give everything to go to those schools. They are not just going because they are a nice safe school or something. They are committed to being at an arts high school.

    So I would say you should apply, but also remember to take the audition as seriously as you do take the SHSAT. If you are getting ready for the test, remember, you have to prepare for the audition just as hard! (In some ways, your late on that, in fact.)

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