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Would you enjoy being a swinger wife?

If your husband asked you to and gave you permission to be naughty with other men, dance with them, touch them, just be naughty with men and also be in a threesome with another man... would you enjoy that?

The reason: He really likes it, he is agree 100%, the relationship is great, you both love each other and he also doesn't want to be envolved with any other women, he just wants you to, that's what he likes.

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    It would probably be really fun, but if he then decided he didn't actually like it, it's too late.

    So you would then have that awkward feeling about it all and the damage could never be undone.

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    No. I do not like to have sex with strange men. A friend of mine was a swinger and she had a lot of fun. But there were a lot of drugs involved and she has herpes and HPV. I'm not saying all swingers do drugs and are diseased, I'm just too paranoid about such things. I am happy with one man.

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    Hi El_Amigo,

    To begin with what you are describing is not, in my opinion, swinging. Instead I feel you are most likely describing what is termed cuckold if it is a short-term arrangement and if you are talking a long-term arrangement with another man then I would say you are describing an open relationship in which only one of you has sex with another man. Given the type of forum Yahoo! Answers provides I am not going to define each one and then provide my reasons why I do not feel what you are describing in its purest definition of the word.

    With that said, if you should do this or not is something the both of you need to agree. Personally I feel the two of you need to discuss boundaries and discuss risks to your relationship. If the two of you can communicate about this then I feel it is possible. However, I would also say that both arrangements are risky and require allot of work on the relationship to ensure that either arrangement does not have a negative impact on your relationship. Finally if the two of you can communicate, problem solve together, and find solutions that are agreeable to the both of you then I feel any type of arrangement could work. Just remember that this is a journey and communication is one tool you will need.

    I wish you the best and hope you find the solution you seek.

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    A lot of women have fantasy's involving more than one guy or doing a guy while their husband watches. Few will admit it, but it is true. With that said, very few women who have these fantasies go through with them. They realize it could cause big problems in their marriage and they are right.

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    Why even be married? Why not be single and do all you want.

    That's what marriage is..between 2 people. That's it. No third party, then it's not a marriage.

    People who do these things do not want to spice up their marriage. They are hiding who they are...they usually are gay so they can feel ok about the experience.

    It cheapens the marriage bond, it brings distrust and pain in the marriage relationship. Anyone who agrees with 3 is an idiot.

    And we wonder why there are soooo many diseases in the world--the STD are now rampant and out of control. There are at least 15 that have no cure. The cost, the pain, the misery, is it worth it?

    He's no doubt has cheated on your for years. Now he wants to ease his gay conscience and have you involved. There is no known cure for HPV> Take a look and get real. These people who engage in this behavior are the ones my friends see at STD Clinic day at the local county hospital...You wanna be one?

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    In this case you are a hot wife, and your husband is a cuckold.

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    Would I enjoy it? Sure.

    Would it be good for my marriage? Absolutely NOT.

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    1 decade ago

    No...can't say that I would.

    but hey to each their own.

    whatever floats your boat.

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