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Nuclear weapons & America?

Should America have nuclear weapons? Why or Why not?

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    Since World War II America has led by example on the use of nuclear weapons. During the cold war SALT II Treaty was a pact between then Soviet Union and the US to manage nuclear weapons systems. Currently, the Russian Federation and the US are near agreement, depending on the respective legislatures to affirm a new treaty to reduce the overall stock pile of nuclear weapons in both the US and Russia. As I understand it, this would increase lines of accountabilities and weapons transparency. I would say America has taken the correct global path in walking the talk. Therefore, no reason that I can see that America has been a bad actor, or intends to be on the world stage as a nuclear powered country poised to nuke any country, including Iran.


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    Even if America didn't have nuclear weapons what about the other countries that do.

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    Of course, we're one of the only reasonable countries on the planet. We're not completely ruled by religion or emotion like most of the world.

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    If a country launched total war on us, stick it to them.

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