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internet access abroad?

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What is the easiest and cost effective Internet access abroad?

I am going on a P &O cruise from Sydney Australia to the south pacific islands..l am trying to find the easiest and (cost effective) internet access.. is there a pre paid plan or something, l can use other than the ships internet, l would like to take my laptop and use it in my room, rather than the internet cafe on board, which is at a cost of 50c a minute!!!so l will need some sort of plan from (AUSTRALIA)thanks in advance...

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  • 1 decade ago
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    While you're at sea, there's nothing else you use other the ship's access.

    While you're in port, if you can find a coffee shop or something, many have free wifi hotspots just like in the US.

    When I went on a cruise earlier this year, there was ship-wide WiFi so we could use our laptop in our room, however, we still had to buy an internet package.

    The ship had package deals for internet access and they also had a special sale on departure day. Check with the cafe onboard during the first day to see if they have anything similar.

    Just be sure you understand how to use the internet access package. If you don't log off of the timer, you will continue to burn up minutes on your plan.

    Oh and one other thing - the ship uses satellite internet access. It's not very fast, due to the fact your signal is travelling several thousand miles before it even gets to the nearest piece of land - and then in your case, has to then travel across the pacific to reach your servers/sites located in the US, before going back again.

    Even accessing yahoo mail was pretty painful.

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