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Hi, my fiancee just recieved something in the mail: Spinelli, et al. v. Capital One Bank (USA), N.A., et al.?

The class (the "Settlement Class") document has rose a few questions after reading the document. For one, it looks as though if we file a claim only $15 to $63 max will be rein-burst. I have not had the protection plan for too long, but I have still payed more than what I seem to be receiving back. What about the people who have been on the protection way, way longer? That isn't fair, so are we really only receiving that much? Also, how long will it take to get the money credited back to us? And lastly, all are bills have been payed on time, and we have given over the minimum payment, so why are the steadily raising my rate any where from a dollar to two a month?? It;s os frustrating being broke, not having a job, a newborn, and a fiancee who is in the hole with his debts. I tried going to the website provided for the lawsuit, but of course that didn't work. I will probably trying calling Capital One and whoever else I need to get a hold of in the next few days, but I figured I'd try my luck and see if any of you guys out there can give me any helpful information. Thank you- a stressed customer


to my first respose: I don't understand why you were somewhat rude to my question, I'm sure it was easy to read the website but it was not working for me. I am just frustrated that I lost money, when I really don't have much to begin with, as I'm sure you would be too.

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    My aunt just received this letter as well, and I was trying to research more online about it and there's only one resource, which is the www.spinellisettlement.com website. We don't know how to go about this either because she doesn't remember signing up for the Payment Protection.

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    You've got some unrelated questions here. First, the website below is the settlement website. I found it (rather remarkably) straightforward so I'm not sure what didn't "work" about it - I had no problem reading it or opening the website.

    Regular people rarely make any money from class actions - most awards go to cover attorney fees and other costs. I'm not sure how much money you think you should receive, but you're not supposed to receive complete reimbursement for the protection plan - basically the class action is alleging that you overpaid for the coverage you received so the money you get will begin to make up the difference. You will almost certainly not receive more than $63 (or whatever you're eligible for) and it's quite possible you won't receive anything at all. That's just the way class action works in most cases. Nothing has been decided yet so my guess is that it will be a couple years at least before you receive any money.

    The rest of your questions have nothing to do with the class action. I obviously don't know the details of your credit card user agreement, but I suspect the answers to many of your questions are buried in all the fine print.

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