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What team has been the biggest surprise so far this NFL season?

What team has been the biggest surprise so far this NFL season?

Cowboys -- it's definitely surprising that Jerry Jones has yet to have Wade Phillips killed and made into a rug

Buccaneers -- with wins over the Panthers and Browns, they have a chance to shock the world and be the 3rd-worst team in football this season

Chiefs -- 2-0? I honestly thought that franchise folded 5 or 6 years ago.

Vikings -- Brett Favre has been impressive considering most people his age are dead

Steelers -- who knew beating the Falcons and Titans was possible with 9 Pro Bowlers instead of Pittsburgh's usual 10?

Texans -- if they keep winning until winter, they can pick up the Cowboys bandwagon fans who usually switch to rooting for the Lakers then

Other -- humor me

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    Im not suprised that the Texans are 2-0 because I picked them to make the playoffs this year.

    It was only a matter of time before this talented team took down the Colts and they proved that they are good. They not only have a great passing game with Schaub and Johnson now, but they also have Arian Foster who had that impressive week 1 game. I don't expect them to lose their 1st game until they play against Indianapolis in week 8. This is a dark horse team that looks like they can go deep into the playoffs with a 12-4

    The Cowboys never capitalize on any opportunity they get. The pressure of hosting the Super Bowl is getting to them and they are going to panic soon. They don't have any players to look forward to returning from injury that could help them. So they're gonna have to help themselves. I dont think they're gonna win a game until week 6 against the NYG. They're gonna miss the playoffs with a terrible 6-10 record.

    The Buccaneers, as you mentioned, played 2 sub-par teams to get to their impressive 2-0 record. Of their remaining schedule, the only teams they have a shot at beating are (which may not even happen): Lions, Seahawks, Rams, and maybe the Cardinals. Other than that, they are playing: 49rs, Saints, Steelers, Ravens, and Redskins. I don't give them a remote chance at beating any of those other teams. So a 5-11 record is the best I can see them having

    Chiefs are my most surprising team. We're not looking for most impressive so it doesn't matter how they won. Probably 5% of people who know football on an unbiased decision would have chosen San Diego over KC. It looks like they're gonna lose 3 straight before they get another win. It actually looks like they can go on a little win streak, playing against the Jags, Bills, and Raiders. They actually have a relatively weak schedule, so a 7-9 or 9-7 record could happen. They just gotta prove that their win against San Diego wasnt a fluke.

    Vikings are surpsing because I didnt predict them to lose to Miami. But Miami is a talented team so it shouldn't be too surprising. Playing the Lions next week should give the Vikings some confidence heading into some tougher opponents such as the Jets, Packers, and possibly Cowboys. To actually prove to themselves that they are a threat they must beat the Jets. If the Vikings don't be the Jets in 2 weeks then they could go 8-8; getting 4 of those wins from Detroit and Chicago.

    Steelers have suprised me alot because of the absence of Roethesberger (I never knew how to spell his name). They got a very impressive win over Tennesse in week 2. They are probably going to snap the Bucs' perfect 2-0 record next week before facing the Ravens. I dont know if Roethesberger's going to start once he returns so Im assuming he will. They play against 5 weak teams and should get wins from each of those teams. There are 4 tougher teams remaing with a few intermediate teams. Starting off with a 2-0 record I give them a chance to finish the season 10-6 and sneak into the playoffs

    **Miami Dolphins (humouring you). Nobody figured the Dolphins would beat the NFC Central 2009 champions this past week. It also marks the 1st time since 2002 that the Dolphins started off 2-0. Unfortunately for them, the Dolphins have 7 tough teams in a row and I expect them to have a large losing streak lasting the entire 7 games. Then they have 3 winnable opponents before facing the Jets again (1st game against Jets is week 3). I expect the Jets to win. Then I think they're gonna win their final 3 games by finishing their .500 record with an upset win over New England.

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    Cowboys - I'm not surprised at all. Their head coach is a complete idiot and their offensive coordinator over complicates things WAY too much. If they would just line up and play football like it is supposed to be played they would be fine. All the spread formations and motion are things you do to compensate for lack of talent, not in spite of the talent you have.

    Bucs - Not so surprising. They only beat the Browns and Panthers. A lot of people will do that before the end of the season.

    Chiefs - Yes, it was surprising the took down the Chargers, but that was in the pouring rain. The second win was over the Browns. Not hardly a surprise. Don't bet the farm on them.

    Vikings - Favre impressive? What scale are you measuring that on?

    At the VERY best he is average this year.

    Steelers have won 2 games that no one has expected them too, so that does say something. They have their defense to thank for it by stepping up to the challenges.

    Texans - They have looked great. They have demonstrated they can hang in there and produce offensively with any team in the league. I expect them to blow out the Cowboys this weekend.

    The most surprisingly in my opinion is the Lions believe it or not. They would have beaten the Bears except for one controversial call, and came within 3 points of beating the Eagles. No, they won't make the playoffs, but they are manning up and playing hard core against very good teams.

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    Cowboys - I thought they would be a superbowl contender this year but I guess not

    Buccaneers - They're getting better with their young team, But they beat the panthers who have an horrible offense and the Browns enough said

    Cheif - They got lucky on both occansions I don't see them going anywhere

    Vikings - What a few injuries a passive coach and an ego QB can do to a team

    Steelers - Defense is INSANE I guess the God had to give em an Contrast offfense to pay from Ben's issues.

    Texans - Clicking on all cylinders right now and the the student learn from his masters about icing the kicker since shannonham use to do that.

    My answers is the Steelers

  • Cowboys.

    A lack of discipline is obvious with all these stupid mistakes. Dallas literally gave a win away in Washington in week one and made Jay Cutler look like an actual NFL quarterback yesterday.

    I wonder if Jerry Jones can convince Bill Cowher or Jon Gruden to leave their TV jobs to coach the Cowboys and pretend Jerry has input during the draft?

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    Tennessee Titans (0-5)

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    Chiefs 2-0 start. But their winning streak may end next week agaisgt the 49ers. The niners are going to lose tonight and will be looking for a win.

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    Texans come to mind.So do the Steelers under their circumstance.Then there are the Dolphins who have to be the worst offense in the history of the NFL to be 2-0.Goes to show that Defenses can still win games.

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    Buccaneers, I had them starting the season 0-2

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    But remember, its only 2 weeks in..

    its possible for one of these 2-0 teams to end up 2-14... just saying

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    Da Bears. 2-0

    But if their is any QB in the league, with the ability to out choke Romo, it's Cutler. So the Bears will end up 8-8 at the end.

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