Information on Laredo Texas?

I am in the 11th grade and my cousin and i want to move out of the state we live in now we want to go to laredo texas. But becuase im not 18 yet my mom wants some convincing on why i should move there so could you please give me some information on laredo texas and the Laredo texas community college please. PLEASE GIVE AS MUCH INFORMATION AS POSSIBLE! ty


BTW my cousin is 18 right now

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    Where do these people get their information? There are 2 campuses of Jr. College here and one State University (Texas A&M International University), they go out of their way to attract students from around the world to their programs about international trade. I would have to say Laredo is a strange choice for young people? What attracts you? It is a good place to learn Spanish, we are right on the border. Our biggest trade is import/export with more trucks than you can shake a stick at. The people here are very kind. If you want to visit another country come to Texas and Laredo.

    Source(s): 27 years here, grew up in Indiana
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    The question is why would you want to move to Laredo? There are not any community colleges/junior colleges in Laredo. Do you speak Spanish? Have you ever been to Laredo? It is not a garden spot.

    Source(s): I was born and raised in the Laredo area and wouldn't live there if you paid me. Actually I have turned down several job offers there.
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    Mom should not be convinced, no matter what you tell her. Laredo is kinda scary, and you should stay as far away from Nuevo Laredo as you possibly can. Consider colleges further inland. If you're looking for places with lively college campuses, check out Corpus Christi, San Marcos, San Antonio and Austin.

    Good luck.

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    This link will lead you to all kinds of information. One thing to be aware of is that across the river in Mexico, there is a lot more violence in Nueva Laredo than there used to be and some of that may have spilled over the border, so be very cautious in that regard with respect to where you might move in Laredo.

    Source(s): Good luck and God Bless.
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