What are your TEN favorite Shakespearean masculine names? [+ BQs]?

This list is NOT a full list of all male Shakespearean characters that have occurred in his plays. These names are ones that have become sufficiently popular, or, I feel are nice names that are under appreciated.

What are your TEN favorite names out of this list?


-- Aaron [ Titus Andronicus ]

-- Abraham [ Romeo & Juliet ]

-- Adam [ As You Like It ]

-- Adrian [ The Tempest ]

-- Angus [ Macbeth ]

-- Antonio [ The Tempest + Merchant of Venice]

-- Ariel [ The Tempest ]

-- Arthur [ King John ]

-- Arviragus [ Cymbeline ]

-- Balthazar [ Romeo and Juliet ]

-- Belarius [ Cymbeline ]

-- Benedick [ Much Ado About Nothing ]

-- Caliban [ The Tempest ]

-- Cassio [ Othello ]

-- Charles [ As You Like It ]

-- Christopher [ Taming of the Shrew ]

-- Cleomenes [ Winter's Tale ]

-- Curtis [ Taming of the Shrew ]

-- Demetrius [ Antony and Cleopatra ]

-- Dennis [ As You Like It ]

-- Dion [ The Winter's Tale ]

-- Duncan [ Macbeth ]

-- Edgar [ King Lear ]

-- Edmund [ King Lear ]

-- Fabian [ Twelfth Night ]

-- Francisco [ Hamlet + The Tempest ]

-- Frederick [ As You Like It ]

-- Gregory [ Romeo & Juliet ]

-- Hamlet [ Hamlet ]

-- Jaques [ As You Like It ]

-- Lancelot [ Merchant of Venice ]

-- Lennox [ Macbeth ]

-- Leonardo [ Merchant of Venice ]

-- Lucio [ Measure for Measure ]

-- Lysander [ A Midsummer Night's Dream ]

-- Malcolm [ Macbeth ]

-- Marcus [ Titus Andronicus ]

-- Nathaniel [ Taming of the Shrew ]

-- Oberon [ A Midsummer's Night Dream ]

-- Oliver [ As You Like It ]

-- Orlando [ As You Like It ]

-- Orsino [ Twelfth Night ]

-- Oswald [ King Lear ]

-- Paris [ Romeo & Juliet ]

-- Peter [ Henry VI, King John + Romeo and Juliet ]

-- Philip [ Taming of the Shrew ]

-- Pompey [ Measure for Measure ]

-- Robin [ Merry Wives of Windsor ]

-- Romeo [ Romeo & Juliet ]

-- Ross [ Macbeth ]

-- Sebastian [ The Tempest + Twelfth Night ]

-- Theseus [ A Midsummer Night's Dream ]

-- Toby [ Twelfth Night ]

-- Tybalt [ Romeo & Juliet ]

-- Valentine [ Two Gentleman of Verona ]

-- William [ As You Like It ]


1] What are your FIVE least favorite of the names above?

2] If you've read any of the plays, have any of the CHARACTERS turned you off from any of the names?

3] If you've read any of the plays, have any of the actual plays turned you off or on any of the names?

4] Excluding the ones listed, do you know any more that you have fallen in love with?

* A somewhat full list of Shakespearean male character names:

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* The girls version of this:





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  • 9 years ago
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    My Ten favorites -- Arthur, Charles, Duncan, Malcolm, Orlando, Aaron, Leonardo, Peter, Sebastian & Francisco.

    BQ1: Angus, Balthazar, Cleomenes, Hamlet & Pompey. All five of these neither look or sound attractive. Just "ick", in my opinion.

    BQ2: Absolutely hated Tybalt in Romeo & Juliet. I think it would actually make a cool alternative to the popular Tyler, but because of how hot-headed the character was, I'm completely turned off of the name.

    BQ3: Okay, I know it's cliche, but I'll go ahead and say it: Romeo is seriously forever tainted because of Romeo & Juliet. A child named this since then and for always will be teased with "Oh, Romeo, Romeo, where for art thou, Romeo?" I think it's a very decent Italian name, but who doesn't immediately think of Romeo & Juliet when hearing Romeo? It's even a nickname for a lovestruck boy, like "Whoa, there, 'Romeo'..." David & Victoria Beckham were bold enough to use it on their son, and I pity him very much so.

    BQ4: I'm surprised you didn't list any from Julius Caesar. I quite like the name Julius, and I love Lucius, which also a name used in the play. I also love Abram & Sampson, both from Romeo & Juliet.

    Awesome question!


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  • 1.) Balthazar (My #1 guilty pleasure name for a boy! :)

    2.) Nathaniel (#5 on my boys' list)

    3.) Antonio (The feminine version, Antonia is #3 on my girls' list. Plus, Anthony is a middle name for a boy on my list.)

    4.) Arthur (Middle name on my boys' list.)

    5.) Romeo

    6.) Adam

    7.) Demetrius

    8.) Charles

    9.) Leonardo

    10.) Ross

    BQ1: In alphabetical order: Ariel, Benedick, Cleomenes, Pompey, and Sebastian.

    BQ2: The only one I've read is Romeo and Juliet, but it's been a few years. I don't recall any of the characters turning me off any of the names.

    BQ3: Well, come to think of it, I probably would like both Romeo and Juliet a bit more if I didn't have such a strong connotation to the play.

    BQ4: Looking through the list on the link you provided, I did find a few more I like: Marcellus, Ulysses, and Vernon, although I'm not in *love* with any of them.

    Great, fun question! :)

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  • 9 years ago

    Top 10:

    Adam, Charles, Christopher, Duncan, Lennox, Nathaniel, Oliver, Sebastian, Toby, William

    BQ 1: Ariel, Balthazar, Orsino, Oswald, Pompey

    BQ 2: No, not any particular character.

    BQ 3: The fact that the whole play of Macbeth is disturbing and gross (though still amazing literature) makes me slightly turned off to the name Duncan, yet I still love it.

    BQ 4: No.

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  • 9 years ago

    Ten Favorites:

    -- Aaron

    -- Tybalt

    -- Dion

    -- Duncan

    -- Leonardo

    -- Lucio

    -- Marcus

    -- Peter

    -- Romeo

    -- Ross


    -- Pompey

    -- Valentine

    -- Oswald

    -- Oberon

    -- Arviragus


    I actually like the name Tybalt (I prefer the French spelling, Thibault) but I could never actually use it because the recognition of the name would come from the play. Same story, even more so, with Romeo.


    The play itself really has no influence, just the fact that a character name is easily recognizable from a play.


    I love the name Horatio, from Hamlet. The fact that he is one of few survivors in a Shakespearean tragedy doesn't hurt either :)

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    9 years ago












    1] Least favorite names: Angus, Ariel, Paris, Fabian, and Toby.

    2] Nope.

    3] Romeo and Juliet played a part in my liking the name Juliet, but it wasn't the desiciding factor.

    4] For just boys? None that come to mind at the moment.

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  • 9 years ago

    My favorites:











    *I like others too, but I wouldn't actually name my child them!


    1. Least favorites: Ariel (sounds waaay too feminine now), Hamlet (i liked the play, but I wouldn't name my child this b/c he would always get referenced to Hamlet), Avirugus (sounds like a virus), Lancelot (sounds a little too fairy-tale for a child's name- but cool for a pretty horse lol), Balthazar (sounds a little too "odd" for today). Not trying to be harsh at all-just my opinion in relation to today's names.

    2. No, unless they had major roles in the plot and had a bad connotation. For example, something like Francisco in Hamlet wouldn't stop me from naming my child that, b/c of him not having a huge role that people would immideately connect to his name. But a lot of the evil characters in his plays have definitely turned me off on their names- it would always remind me of the negative connotation.

    3. Well, I wouldn't necessarily name my child Hamlet or Romeo just because the plays have really made those names famous, and therefore, the names are defined by the names. As soon as anybody heard your name was Romeo, they would probably always say "Oh, like Romeo and Juliet?". This is hard too, b/c I loved the name Juliet for a while, but decided against it because of that. I'd rather save it for a middle name!

    4. Rosalind/Rosaline is gorgeous & so is Ophelia (minus the connotation, again lol) Benvolio is good too (but more as a mn)...can't think of really any others now!

    I hope I helped! :)

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  • In no particular order:











    1. Lennox, Toby, Caliban, Duncan & Paris.

    2. Not really; I adore the name Oberon but I don't think it's a good idea to name my son after the king of the fairies :/

    3. Not that I can think of :)

    4. Bassanio (Merchant of Venice)

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  • 4 years ago

    I am in a Shakespeare class for college right now, so it makes it a bit easier. 10 Favorite: Katharina from The Taming of the Shrew, I have read Elizabeth from Richard III, which I have also read Ursula from Much Ado About Nothing, which I read in high school and do not remember, but I like the name Diana, which I have not read Helena from A Midsummer Night's Dream, which I have read Isabella from Measure for Measure, which I have not read That's about all that I really like and could picture naming my child. 1. Least favorites are: Dorcas, Perdita, Paulina, Gertrude, and Hippolyta. 2. Offhand, I believe it is Jessica and Portia from The Merchant of Venice. For some reason, I did not like there characters in this play. I really did not care for The Merchant of Venice, minus the task that Portia's father lays out for her would-be suitors, I did not like the play that much at all. 3. As stated above, the merchant of venus. 4. As listed in names that I like: I have always loved the name Elizabeth, and therefore, I liked the Queen Elizabeth in Richard III. It is kind of sad how she relives the grief that poor Queen Margaret had to feel. Plus, Shakespeare made her two sons very witty. Pitty they had to die, too. This is by far the best question I've seen in this section.

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  • 9 years ago

    1. Adam

    2. Oliver

    3. Marcus

    4. Adrian

    5. Charles

    6. Frederick

    7. Fransisco

    8. Demetrius

    9. Duncan

    10. Orlando

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  • 9 years ago

    Aaron ♥










    ~ But I also think Duncan, Valentine, Marcus, Orlando & Lennox are lovely :)


    * Ross, Oswald, Pompey, Malcolm & Cleomenes

    * Antonio, Merchant of Venice; he was the worst Shakespearean protagonist in my opinion.

    * Merchant of Venice; Antonio, Marcellus and some of the feminine names.

    * Julius -- Julius Caesar

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