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What happens if a person renounces citizenship to their home country...?

lets say: a person was born in mexico and he/she renounced to their citizenship, and they are now citizens of the US what will happen if their US citizenship is taken away, where will they go if they are no longer Mexican citizens?

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  • BruceN
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    10 years ago
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    Citizenship is based on the laws of the particular countries, so it is possible to become a stateless person. But a person is generally permitted under international law to return to the place of their birth, or they qualify as a refugee and may remain in the place they are at the time they lost citizenship. The US Department of State will usually refuse to accept renunciations of US citizenship from people who are inside the USA or do not have an alternate nationality. It is very rare to have citizenship taken away (see Affroyim v. Rusk).

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  • 4 years ago

    the place do you go? you are able to no longer resign citizenship of the U. S. interior the U. S.. you need to do it interior yet another usa. So, it extremely is the place you will go. as a techniques as a results of fact the regulations for different countries, i do no longer understand and that i do no longer probable have the time to learn the immigration regulation of each usa interior the worldwide. of direction there have been situations like this.

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