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does Vancouver International Airport have a drugstore?

also let me know the zipcode of the airport


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    Favorite Answer sure does....have a read here....

    In particular this paragraph......(Airport services: YVR was the first airport in North America to offer a full-service drugstore, walk-in dental centre, medical clinic and laboratory service, meaning that passengers can fulfill all of their health care needs without leaving the terminal.)

    You'll find the Postal Code (not Zip Code as this is Canada and we use Postal Codes ) on this site as well as other good info...

    Here's the full adress....

    Vancouver International Airport Authority

    PO Box 23750

    Airport Postal Outlet


    British Columbia V7B 1Y7


    NOTE that "V7B 1Y7" is the actual Postal Code or what you term the Zip Code.

    Glad to help.....(Michael C...)

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    4 years ago

    Drugstore Vancouver

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    Michael C gave a really good answer. I would only add that a drugstore can only fill prescriptions from a doctor licenced in British Columbia, so if you have a prescription even from Washington State or Alberta you'll be out of luck.

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    There is no pharmacy per se in the airport, if that is what you are asking, but there are shops that sell drugstore items - including aspirin, common cold remedies and that sort of thing.

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