Can one reach orgasm from just their feet being worshiped?

I know this may seem as a bit odd question, but one of my friends told me lately that she was told by someone else that one may reach orgasm just from their feet being worshiped. That would mean caressing feet only, stimulating no other body parts. Here I could add that I'm a male foot fetishist (being gay), and I'm just wondering if I could make another guy reach orgasm just from worshiping his feet (though personally I doubt it could be possible). All this being said, I would like to know if anyone could confirm or deny the possibility of this

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    With a person with the right biology and right fetish preferences, of course. Never doubt the human psyche and the non-physical sexual factors of relationships (in the general sense of the term).

    Would it be rare? Definitely. Is it impossible? Definitely not. A guy who is extremely turned on by foot worship and the like could be brought to orgasm through activities which engage that turn on. Think about it, there are some guys who can bring themselves to orgasm simply through tantric anything is possible in that regard heh.

    Source(s): Physiology masters, experienced sex-machine
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