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How would a Albert Haynesworth for Vincent Jackson trade look for both sides?

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    ehh albert haynesworth can be a bg help on defensive if he wants to so washington is kinda giving up some help on defense and theyre already decent with the recievers they have but it would also give up the hassle of having to deal with haynesworth and his injuries and would give washington another star reviever for mcnabb so i could see it but san diego might have to throw in a draft pick or two

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    Jack Dean, i could do this in the time of a 2d. It seems as though Vincent Jackson would be out for no less than 0.5 of the ordinary season, and who is familiar with if he would be lower back in any respect. Jamaal Charles has some hype on the tip of final year yet he's at the instant buried on the intensity chart at the back of Thomas Jones. whether he wins the commencing job he would be giving up assorted contains to Jones. Andre Johnson is the #a million WR in fantasy soccer, and giving up a WR who isn't in camp and 2d string RB is a no-brainer. I at the instant have Andre Johnson ranked #a million on my website and Vincent Jackson is a techniques down my scores at #30. On my website you could create your guy or woman scores employing drag and drop, for unfastened. Then, generate a printable sheet to deal with your fantasy draft. that is unfastened!

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