Does anyone know of an online music player that I can upload my music too and play through web browser anywher?

Does anyone know of an online music player that I can upload my music too and play through web browser anywhere.

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    Unlimited access to music from your computer and mobile phone, even when you're offline. Discover music through people, not machines. Share the stuff you like on Twitter and Facebook.

    With Ipernity you can:- Publish whatever you like : blog, photos, videos, audios- Customize your own Ipernity page (like at Myspace)- Share what you want with people who matter to you or with the whole world- Create a powerful page with only the stuff that matters to you

    With Steekr you can:-Store your music ,your pictures, your videos and all your personal files online. -Play and listen to your digital files directly in your browser. -Share your files with your friends or relatives.

    Multiply gives you an easy way to share all kinds of digital media, including photos, blogs, videos, music and more, all in one convenient place: your own personal web site. With Multiply, you can share and discuss your stuff with everyone in your "social network," and also be alerted whenever they have something new.

    Project Playlist enables you to create a free playlist for you myspace account, create and share with friends and listen to other myspace playlists. You can also share your playlist in other social networks, such as Facebook, hi5, your blog/site and more.

    Deezer is now the first global website for music on demand with no restrictions: listening to all kinds of music is now free, unlimited, legal and accessible to all Internet users via a Web browser.

    A great new online music player called, allows you to search for all your favorites music and easily to make playlists from the results of that.

    Grooveshark is an online service that rewards you for sharing, reviewing, and discovering new music.- Get rewarded for sharing your songs and music- Keep all of your current songs and import your own playlists- Discover music and receive personalized recommendations- Sync your library with any player from iPods to iRivers

    A web based service that lets you create playlists that you like, listen to them online and share it with your friends. You can choose from 2 million sound tracks that already in Finetune library.

    jamendo allows you to listen to free download and download it directly from their site. jamendo users can discover and share albums, create playlist and share music with friends. Users can also review album or start a discussion on the forums.

    JiwaMusic is a new experiment that allows its users to : - Search for an artist or a track, - Load a track originally composed by them on the JiwaMusic servers, - Create some playlists - Share their playlists.

    Esfresh, is a mushup from, Youtube and LyricWiki.. The site enables you to search for music clips and create playlist from your favorites. You can also listen to other people playlists and share it with friends. is a web application that looks & feels like a music player where users can quickly find, listen to, build, and share playlists of their favorite artists' music. Since TubeRadio based on the music library of Youtbue, it makes it easy to find just about any songs you want - Millions of them.

    iggli is a social music network. Listen, share, and mashup music and playlists. Stay connected to friends and meet cool new people, and live your life and share the experience.

    Playlists are everywhere - on the radio, in magazines, on message boards and blogs and most importantly in your music collection. As storage increases and the limits of the single album are long left behind, it's becoming harder and harder to manage music... and that's why why fiql was created .

    Jango is all about making online music fun, social and simple. A free custom radio service that learns from your taste and connects you to others who like what you like. Just type in what you want to hear - and Jango we'll play your chosen music and other favorites of Jango users who share your taste. You can customize your stations further by adding more artists and rating songs

    Application description: ListenMusic.FM is a online music catalog and a social music playlist community. Listen to music, create a free music playlist, find new friends and more.

    Open a Web browser, type a song name, and have that song start playing immediately.

    StumbleAudio is a social music discovery site with a mission is to help you find music by new and exciting artists that you would like

    With songr, you can find music others are listening to in real time.

    Search for and listen to any song you like, online, on-demand, for free, whenever you want. All the functionality of a full desktop media player, in your browser.

    TUN3R is a virtual AM/FM dial complete with orange tuning needle. Simply by dragging the Needle around the Dial, you can instantly hear reduced audio samples from hundreds of stations around the world. TUN3R is also equipped with powerful search features to help you guide you browsing by: Song & Artist; Language; Genre (e.g. pop, rock, talk); and even the contents of the stations home page.

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    Upload Music Online

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    Mine was Pegadito by Tommy Torres pretty cool song, you should listen to it. sq: Yes I love that song. It's a little bit cheesy, but the lyrics are great. sq2: Yes with someone I really love.

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    If you need to download Songr you can get it here for free

    I guess it's the sotware you need.

    Have a nice day

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