Are my standards for a guy too high?

Hello people just wondering whether I should lower my standards, my friends think I have high standards. I have met people that rejected guys because the guys GPA was lower than theirs which is freaking ridiculous lol. But okay here is MY "standards". (I'm 20 yrs old)

Well he needs to be born a male LOL because I want kids someday. The guy needs to be older than me and taller than me. They don't have to be hot but I don't want them hideous either. (Although hot for me would be like Leonardo DiCaprio LOL, my guys friends think he's fruity but I dont care) I've always been attracted to caucasians and asians IDK why but it's been like that since I was a little kid. Extremely hairy men and bearded men are a NO NO!

Personality, would be nice and understanding, smart (doesnt have to be a genius and I wont reject any guy who has a GPA lower than mine LOL) Funny, not rude, horny LOL, guys gotta have to want a lot of somethin'-somethin'. Romantic once in a while like once a year if I'm lucky, as in no first kiss when watchin Bruno. LOL. (That never happened to me but I'm sure there are people that have that horror story) Just stuff like that.

Well let the responses begin!


@Ryan I agree!

@Jay Hideous to me is morbidly obese, short, hairy, dumb, mean etc. And I don't compare guys to DiCaprio, I just think he's the most attractive man I've ever seen. And no I don't want a millionaire LOL and they don't have to be a perfect 10. I have never even MET a perfect 10 in the state of RI. And yea there are many hispanics here in RI but IDK why I'm just not attracted to them like the other girls are. Thanks :)

BTW here is my picture just for the other ppl who are gonna c this. Just in case it's needed.

Update 2:

Oh and in the picture I'm the one in the white dress.

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    Your standards sound perfectly reasonable to me. Although you have to consider a few questions. What's the definition of hiddeous to you? You mentioned having an attraction to Leonardo DiCaprio. Even though he isn't the best looking actor out there, he is a Hollywood movie star. Would it be fair to say that most guys that approach you, don't measure up to that?

    If you find that you're rejecting the majority of guys that are asking you out, I would suggest to you that your standards may be a little too high. It's also possible that you want more than you can offer yourself. I don't know what you look like or who you are, but there are a lot of very average women out there who feel they deserve nothing less than a perfect 10 in looks and a millionaire to boot! Don't be one of those girls, unless you enjoy being alone a lot.

    From a strictly objective stand point however, your listed standards sound quite down to earth.

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    I still don't understand why so many people try to associate GPA with intelligence.

    I know some stupid ******* people with a 4.0 and some wicked smart people with a 2.5.

    GPA has more correlation with work ethic than anything.

    As for your standards, I don't think they are too exacting. I found a couple of them funny, but everyone has their own idea of perfection.

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  • 10 years ago

    You are still young, and your standards is not high at all. In fact its kinda low.

    You should include at least they know what they wana do instead of playing playstaion all the time

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  • 10 years ago

    your stanards are actually normal, not high at all! keep it the way they are or your gonna end up with douche bag!

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    10 years ago

    Not really.

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