wat are good truth or dare questions?

i love to play truth or dare but i can never think of good questions

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  • 9 years ago
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    If your crush that you REALLY like asked you to have sex would you say yes?

    Have you ever pissed your pants?

    Have you ever picked your nose and ate your booger?

    [Make them confess stuff you're curious about]


    Prank call a teacher, some adult you know or a random number in a phone book.

    Stick tampons in their nose. (Keep them there 'til person's next turn or until the end of the game.

    Go up to a random adult and say "I kissed Justin Bieber last night. Jealous?" (Better for boys)

    The classic ding-dong ditch. (:

    Drink raw eggs. (HEALTHINESS)

    Make them ask an EXTREMELY weird or stupid question on Yahoo Answers.

    (Sorry I don't have a lot of Truth questions. My cousins and I always do dare. Hope I was helpful.)

    Source(s): my immature side
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  • Pamela
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    4 years ago

    Truth or dare over the phone? That's retarded.

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