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How do i solve this constant volume thermo problem?

I have been struggling for weeks on this thermo problem.

A volume of air (assuming ideal gas)

P1 = 1 bar

P2 = ???

T1 = 300K

T2 = 700K

V1 = V2

M1 = M2

i have a chart that relates temperature in Rº to sº (Btu/lbm*R)

what steps do i take to solve this problem???

I am supposed to be able to do it without moles, using instead the imperial formula for ideal gases (pV=mRT i think)

How do i write the conservation of energy for this?

Are equations are needed to solve for pressure here?

What is the Heat Transfer and Work for each process?

thank you sooo much for any help!


The initial volume, V1, is equal to the final volume, V2

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  • 10 years ago
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    You never gave us any piece of information of the amount of gas in this problem. How do I know whether it is the size of a motorcycle engine's piston/cylinder assembly or the size of a house?

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