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How long was Niagara Falls frozen?

I have a picture of Niagara Falls in 1911. Please tell me when it became frozen and when the ice melted and turned back into water. I'll be able to see the number of years it was frozen if you just give me that information. Thank u so much!

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    The only historical record of Niagara Falls being frozen was when the ice jammed in 1848 at the mouth of the Niagara River. The Horseshoe falls was reduced to a trickle for 30-40 hours. The riverbed was drying quickly and people found artifacts-bayonets, muskets and tomahawks from the war of 1812.

    Workers from the Maid of the Mist blew out rocks which were hazardous for the boats on their tours.

    They believe that the ice jam was caused by winds blowing so strongly up the lake that ice it caused the ice at the mouth of the Niagara river to freeze. It was not unusually cold that day.

    There is no other record of Niagara Falls freezing. Although it gets very cold in the winter the water is moving too fast and there is too much of it to freeze.

    For images of what Niagara Falls looks like today in winter go to www.experience-niagara-falls-canada.com/niagara-falls-in-winter.html

    P.S. Your picture from 1911 probably showed the water at the bottom of the fall frozen. People used to walk on these "ice bridges". This still happens today, but it is illegal to walk on them. I have a page on my web site about the "ice bridges" as well. Go to www.-experience-niagara-falls-canada.com/niagra-falls-history.html

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    Source(s): www.experience-niagara-falls-canada.com/niagara-falls-in-winter.html
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    Um, Niagara Falls has never been frozen. It's a moving body of water and as such cannot freeze. Now, you may have a photo showing the falls in a state that appears to be frozen but their is still water flowing under the ice. Chances are the photo you are looking at was not from 1911 and the full story on it all can be found here: http://urbanlegends.about.com/library/bl_niagara_f...

    The freezing over is so rare but when it does happen it isn't for long since the serious cold snap that caused it normally only lasts a couple of weeks. Then it warms up enough that the water flowing under the ice breaks up the ice and the falls appears as normal.

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    no. Alot of water falls interior the northern counerties will freeze and alot won't . It relies upon on the temperature and how reliable the present is. Niagra Falls is quite reliable and has no longer yet frozen

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