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Why did taylor swift sing that song on the vma's?

why did she sing that song...was it for kanye west?

why did they show back what kanye west did to her last year.

why cant she get over it..and kanye west on auto-tuned suckz

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  • 10 years ago
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    the song that taylor sang was a bout kanye. but she took the high road. it was a song baout firgiveness. sure, he messed up, but shes saying everybody does, and its okay. "its alright just wait and see your string of lights are still bright to me, oh who you are is not where youve been, youre still an innocent. its okay, life is a tough crowd, 32 is still growing up now. who you are is not what you did, youre still an innocent". she's gotten over it. this song was written earlier this year. she never really got very upset about it or acted rude toward him. she just took this opportunity to make it clear that everything is cool with them.

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  • 10 years ago

    Yeah, I've heard about that crap. From what I've heard, yes, it was for Kanye, but she did get over it, she sang about forgiveness. And, it doesn't matter whether Kanye West is on auto-tune or not, he just plain SUCKS! Anyway, I suspect the whole thing was just a big publicity stunt to boost this year's ratings because MTV knows that people are beggining to pick up on the lack of talented musicians promoted by them.

    Here's how I feel about MTV, frankly --

    Youtube thumbnail

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  • 3 years ago

    You Belong With Me She gained a VMA for the music to it truly is at the same time as Kanye got here out and ruined her second, then Beyonce (sweetly) enable Tay back on degree because she remembered what it become like at the same time as she become up for her first VMA with destiny's new child :-)

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