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Only 10% of gang members are white. What other things can blacks be proud of as Black History Month?

... approaches in Feb?

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    Their colorful history in the the land of Projectia.

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    Racist question and loaded as well. I got to see your facts. Consider the gangs of the early part of the 20th century based on white ethnic groups (irish, jewish, polish to name a few), consider the mob, organized crime, motorcycle gangs, and currently according to the department of justice, link provided the majority of gang members are latino immigrants. Your using a period from 1991-2003 when African American sub cultures promoted membership of games in music and entrainment to make it chic to be a gang banger. Few of those Icons of the era even belonged to gang: Suge Knight and TuPac are probably the only ones that really did BEFORE getting famous. The rest were just ethically challeged businessmen capitalizing on a fad and trend for profit.

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    All the baby daddys -- just like Michelle Obama introduced into our sophisticated White House vocabulary. And fist bumps!

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    are you also including the thugs on wall street

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    None of them are retarded YA trolls like yourself.

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