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can inhaling farts very often damage your health?

ok. i have been dating my boyfriend since i was 12 (i am now 19, he is 17).

we are madly in love. we have been sexually active since i was age 16. i recently told him my secret "fetish" i have had all along, but just kept it hidden due to me being worried it might freak him out.

i am a dominant girl. i love taking control over him. holding him down, forcing him to give me oral pleasure, etc. i sit on his face quite often. the other day i just couldnt take it anymore, and while sitting directly on his face i let one rip. he tugged on his restraints with all his might and moaned in disgust under me, and i exploaded with the biggest orgasm i have ever felt in my entire life.

i love it. i love watching him kick helplessly beneath me and hearing his muffled moans.

he doesnt mind it, i think he actually enjoys it. i wont go as far as urinating or defficating, that is just disgusting and he agrees.

one game we play is he'll hold his breath for a long time and then right before he lets go to breath ill sit on his face and fart, then when he gasps to breathe all he can breathe is ME ^_^

my question is, over time, can your health get damaged from inhaling farts very often?

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    Don't worry, flatulence isn't harmful, so you're not doing anything that can harm him. Farts are simply the gas bacteria in the intestines produce as a part of the digestive process, so they don't contain germs or bacteria or viruses or anything else that can make him sick.

    I might be a little biased since I have a somewhat similar fetish (only I prefer to be the one being farted on instead of the one doing the farting), but the Mythbusters actually tested if farting could be dangerous or deadly, and they basically busted that myth (check out the link below for more info).

    This fetish is actually one of the "safer" ones to act on since it has virtually no danger. As long as your boyfriend doesn't object - and seeing how you've already done it multiple times he probably would have said something by now - feel free to keep farting on him. Realistically speaking, at the very worst, he might get grossed out if they smell bad or something, but as long as you get up off his face every now and then so he can breathe in some of the other air in the room, he'll be fine. Even if you fart on him several times on a daily basis, he won't suffer any health defects from it.

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    Sniffing Farts

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    If done properly, inhaling farts is actually quite healthy. It helps line and protect the lungs from cigarette smoke.

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    actually believe it or not and as crazy this may seem...but a study was done in the UK that smelling farts may be good for your health. just read on... http://www.exeter.ac.uk/news/research/title_393168... and decide for yourself.

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    lucky guy

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